Saturday, April 28, 2012

Picky Sticky Review

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About the Company:
"Picky Sticky started when our daughter was born. Each week I wrote her age on a piece of paper and then took her picture sitting next to it. As time passed I got a little more creative and dressed it up a bit with designs, using all the power Microsoft Word could muster.

As she was getting older it was getting harder for her to sit still. That is when I saw some cute onesies with iron-on transfers that were pretty expensive. I didn’t know what size she was going to be at each stage and at that point the idea of using a sticker popped into my head. Thus, Picky Sticky was born.
As avid fans of photography, we enjoy keeping our family history. Having a collection of photos of each milestone really put into perspective how much our babies changed and how fast time flew by. We are so glad we have these photos to remember our growing children."

Picky Sticky's come in a pack of 12. Each number has there own design and they have them for boys and girls. Not only can you use them for babies, but you can also use them for you toddlers as well. My children are not babies anymore, so I used the Fuddy Buddy stickers for them. I think these are great. All you have to do is take the sticker and place it on the shirt your child is wearing, take a picture and done :) It's a great way to keep track of their growth. Below is a picture of my youngest wearing the Picky Sticky. I tried to get him to smile for the camera but he was itching to take the sticker off instead :)

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  1. How fun! I've been looking at this idea as we didn't do anything like this with our daughter and I regret it. Those stickers are cute and less work than making something!