Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Babu Review

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About Baby Babu:
"Founded in Melbourne, Florida, by the parents of twin boys, Baby Babu’s goals are to provide high quality, sustainable and affordable diapering solutions and related products to parents worldwide.
In addition to our core goals, Baby Babu will strive to provide the highest degree of customer service and the highest quality products available."

Baby Babu Diapers are great! They are affordable, stylish and one size fits all. 

 This is the diaper that I had received. I love the color!

This is the one size fits all diaper. Also came with an insert.

Here is a picture of my youngest wearing the diaper.
This boy loves his cloth diaper :) When I put the Baby Babu Diaper on him he was excited.
Baby Babu diapers are affordable and environmentally friendly.
If you are looking to purchase some cloth diapers check out Baby Babu
They have also offered a 10% discount off all of there products.
Coupon code is: TRYUS10

Disclaimer:Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed.

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