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FeverAll Review

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FeverAll Suppositories Products Include:
  • FeverAll Infants Strength (80mg of acetaminophen) for ages 6-36 months
  • FeverAll Childrens Strength (120mg of acetaminophen) for ages 3-6 years
  • FeverAll Jr. Strength (325mg of acetaminophen) for ages 6-12 years

FeverAll acetaminophen suppositories temporarily reduces fevers, relieves minor aches and pains, and headaches in infants and children. FeverAll is the top national brand of acetaminophen that comes in suppository form. It is the only suppository available and available for infants as young as 6 months.
For more than 30 years caregivers have relied on FeverAll because of the accuracy and how easy it is to use. It is a great product to use for your children especially when they become ill and don't want to take the full dose of acetaminophen due to vomiting, stomach flu, after vaccinations, teething pain, ect.
FeverAll suppositories are less than a half inch in size compared to other acetaminophen suppositories making it easy to administer in infants and children.

The suppositories come in a plastic, color coded, easy to use package.

FeverAll is a great way to make sure infants and children are getting the right amount of acetaminophen. You can find FeverAll suppositories at any major retail store and drugstore such as Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart. The suggested retail price is approximately $7.00 for a package of 6 suppositories.

You can visit FeverAll Website for additional information

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