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Konvine - Foldable Shoes

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About Konvine:
"Konvine Footwear is ideal for many usage occasions including;
After a big night out - when you've had enough of those painful, yet stylish shoes!
When travelling to work - running shoes are not only cumbersome, but are not too attractive with business attire.

Airplane travel slippers - our comfortable shoes are the perfect fit for your handbag & can simply be unfolded when you are ready to relax during the ride.

Around the office - Everyone likes to be comfortable at their desk but still need to be presentable if you need to speak to other workers, clients or the boss. Our foldable shoes will fit right in your office drawer or handbag and can be a great alternative to wearing your heels.

Wedding Shoes - Every bride says the same thing, "Why did I buy those heels. And I never knew smiling could hurt". But after hours or walking around on your stilts and smiling nonstop, you'll thank yourself for being so smart by buying Konvine's White Wedding Shoes.

Konvine foldable ballet flats are not disposable & will last you well in to the future, unlike some of the other foldable shoes that are available on the market.

I hear from many women that they are not slaves to their heels, and much prefer flip-flops. But they all have to wear the stillettos once in a while - and carrying around several different pairs of shoes for one event is just ridiculous. Our shoes are rugged enough to walk anywhere. The sole is made of a study base so your shoes will last for years to come.

To all of you, from all of us at Konvine - Thank you and Happy Shopping!
Kim Schioldan"

 Here is what the box looks like when it comes in the mail.

Inside the box are the shoes (that ball that is rolled up in the corner) and a bag that you can use to place your shoes. Great for travel or even storage so they don't get damaged.
And now for the best part!!

The shoes! This is what they look like when they are unrolled. These are called Shimmery Black Roll-Ups with Skull. I know they look worn, well, that's because I just had to go and put them on right away, lol. I couldn't resist, ok. I mean come on. These shoes are adorable! And did I mention they are also comfortable! Now I have a hard time with shoes because my feet are wide. So with having wide feet I can't wear certain shoes because they will hurt and become very uncomfortable. Well, not with these.

I wear these shoes all the time. I go for walks with theses, wear them around the house, I mean I wear them everywhere. I love them. Especially the skulls :) These shoes are great!!
Konvine has a great selection of shoes such as flats, flip flops and slippers.
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  1. So happy to read your review on these flats so many are not wide enough for my daughter so she is going to see about buying these. When traveling It's great to carry flats in my carry on bag so if my luggage on my flight does not arrive I have another pair to change into since I wear sneaker when traveling. I like to know I have shoes to wear when I dress up and go out for the day.

    1. I know what you mean. It's hard trying to find shoes that are wide enough for the feet! These shoes are great for many occasions, travel and more =)