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Original Sprout Review

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About the Company:
"Inga Tritt founded The Original Little Sprout® in 2003 and Original Sprout in 2007. The name Little Sprout was inspired by the birth of her daughter Maya. Inga was born in Germany and grew up in Montecito, California. Her love of nature, art and architecture led to a successful career as a master stylist. Wanting to be a full time mom led her to selling her salons & spas and moving to the country, where she now lives with her family." more

Original Sprouts is trusted for its superior performance and worry-free ingredients. It does not contain all those harmful ingredients that you would find in other brands. Original Sprouts is hormone free, contains soy, yam, tea, tree, lavender, parabens, titanium dioxide, formaldehyde, or nano-particles. They are also free of insect attracting honey and soda fragrances.

Original Sprout uses essential oils and fragrances approved by the California's Safe Cosmetics Program and the European Cosmetics Directive. There fragrances smell food and worry-free. Original Sprouts fragrances are free of ingredients that can cause cancer concerns such as phthalates, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, styrene toluene, chlorobenzene, glycol ethers and musk.

Women trust and enjoy there superior and prevention based formulas. They are certified freen and clean fragrances. Original Sprouts is against animal testing and is proud to support Peta in the ethical threament of animals. All products are vegan, and lanolin, used in the Baby hair Balm, is from wool so the sheep are not harmed.

Original Sprouts Natural Shampoo
(comes in 4oz, 12oz, 33oz)
Original Sprouts new and improves sulfate free Natural Shampoo has added sun protection.  Also has organic emollients that detangle and make rinsing effortless so you save time and water. Scalp hair and skin are nourished and healthy. The Natural Shampoo leaves hair shiny, hydrated and easy to comb.

100% Vegan
Family Friendly
Natural and Organic
For Babies, Children and Adults
Detangling and Conditioning
For every hair type
Gentle on the eyes

Original Sprouts Magic Detangler
(comes in 1oz, 4oz, 12oz)
Original Sprouts professional quick release formula makes those tough tangles become history. Tangles release immediately making combing effortless. Leaves your hair silky, sorf and naturally fresh.
For Babies, Children and Adults
For all Hair Types and Textures
Helps Prevent Breakage
Gentle pH of 4.5-5.5
Instantly Detangles
Leave in Treatment

Original Sprouts Scrumptious Baby Cream
(comes in 4oz, 8oz, 12oz)
Original Sprouts Scrumptious Baby Cream is irresistible, the whole family will love it. It's not a sunscreen, but a soothing protection barrier that keeps skin smooth and soft like velvet. There multi-benifit cream is infused with Natural Zinc for environmental protection. It's non-greasy and extra hydrating for every skin type.
Leaves Skin Soft, Moist and Sooth as Velvet
For Babies, Children and Adults
Nurtures Delicate Skin
Gentle pH of 5.5-6.5
No Greasy Residue
For all Skin Types

I would have to say that I really enjoy using the Original Sprouts products. I use the Shampoo on my youngest and it is great. I can get in his eyes and it's like ke doesn't even notice it. It does not burn him and clean up is a breeze. Just do a quick rinse and the shampoo is out. The smell is also amazing.

The Detangler is another great product. I use it for my hair or even my daughters hair. You can apply the product to wet or dry hair and then just comb it through. I love using the detangler because them my hair starts feeling soft and becomes shiny. And there is so need to get your hands messy. The Detangles is just sprayed on the hair, comb and then your all done.

The one product that I would have to say I love the most in the Scrumptious Baby Cream. I l-o-v-e the smell. You can smell the rosemary in there along with other ingredients. This is something I use daily! I feel naked if I don't put this stuff on, lol. A little amount of lotion goes a long way. I love how my skin feels after putting on the lotion. It's soft and shiny, not a greasy light reflecting shiny that will blind someone, but a smooth shiny, lol. Original Sprouts has great quality products.
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Disclaimer:Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed.

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