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Smoobee Brush Review and Giveaway

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About Smoobee:
Smoobee is a not tangle hair brush that kids absolutely love. Smoobee brushes were specially designed to prevent any snagging and tugging at the hair. The brush works great for curly, wavy, and straight hair. Even for intensely curl hair, Smoobee can get the job done. Smoobie gets rave reviews from all sorts of customers. Check out their testimonials and Facebook page and see what others are saying about Smoobee.

Smoobee Counter Display

What makes this Smoobee brush so wonderful you ask. Well, Smoobee works. Parents and kids are in need of a good brush. A brush that doesn't snag, pull, or even make the little ones cry. With Smoobee kids are actually excited to brush their hair. Smoobee comes in pink, purple, and turquoise. Kids love the color and the size is perfect for their little hands. Another great feature about the Smoobee is that kids can bedazzle their own brush. Let them customize their own brush and they are more than likely to comb their own hair.

My Review:
Well, for starts I would have to say that the Smoobee brush is by far the BEST brush that we have ever had. I love that it's a wooden brush and it has two sets of bristles. I honestly don't think I have ever seen a brush like that before the Smoobee brush.

This is the Smoobee brush. It's a great brush to have. Now my daughter has curly hair and normally it is a struggle trying to comb her hair. I take a brush, comb and then it gets caught, her hair becomes knotted, it pulls, then she has hair coming out. It's a pain in the behind... I guess a regular brush wont do. Then there was the Smoobee. It glides through my daughters hair like butter. There are no issues what so ever! Her hair could be so "nappy" and Smoobee can comb through it easy. My daughter loves it. Well, so do I, lol. I've used the brush as well. I love the way it makes the hair feel. Smooth and silky, like running your hand through silk. That's how good the brush makes your hair feel.

Now when you get the Smoobee, it also comes with these little decal sticks. We got the flowers. All you have to do is just peel them off the plastic and place them on the brush. My daughter and I put these stickers on the brush. It looks so adorable. The stickers don't come off easy either which is great. My youngest even put the brush in the sink with the water on and they stayed in place. The Smoobee brush is great. My daughter calls it her "princess brush" =)

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