Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ecover - All Purpose Cleaner Review

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Ecover has great products. They are natural, no harsh chemicals and they are safe to use, even around children and pets. This is the All Purpose Cleaner from Ecover

The All Purpose Cleaner is safe on all washable surfaces, has a fresh fragrance from plant based ingredients and is very effective. It is also has quick and complete biodegradability, minimal impact on the aquatic life, the product has not been tested on animals (all Ecover products are animal cruelty free), and it is safe for septic tanks. 

I love that the product is concentrated so you don't need much when it comes to cleaning. So far I have used the product on my hardwood floors. I wanted to find something that was effective and didn't "stink" like a lot of other products out there. Pine-Sol is one of them... I mean Pine-Sol is ok when it comes to cleaning, but the thing that I can not stand is the smell that it leaves when it is being used. It's strong, full of all of these nasty chemicals and I honestly don't think it's good to use at all. That's just my opinion, lol.

With the Ecover All Purpose Cleaner it is a lot better. There is no harsh smell, it's more faint then anything. The cleaner is concentrated so you don't need much when it comes to cleaning. The instructions tell you how much you will need, even for the toughest messes. My floors look so much better now. They look healthier and feel smoother. I really enjoy using the Ecover's All Purpose Cleaner. 

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  1. We're so glad you tried Ecover's All Purpose Cleaner ... and that your floors are nice and clean without the harsh smell of some traditional cleaners. Thanks so much for taking the time to try the product and for writing about it on your blog. It's great that you're helping spread the word that ecological cleaners can really work.
    -Deb for Ecover

    1. Your welcome Deb =) And thank you for letting me try this wonderful product out. To be honest, my husband is hooked to the cleaner, lol. He cleans the floors almost every week and he doesn't use anything else but the Ecover's All Purpose Cleaner =)