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Thorne Manor and Other Bizarre Tales Book Review

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Thorne Manor and Other Bizarre Tales

About the Author:
Diane Wing, M.A. is a teacher, personal transformation guide, an intuitive consultant, and an author. She has a masters degree in clinical psychology and she has been providing valuable insights for the highest good of her clients for over 27 years.

Diane has also appeared on many Blog Talk radio programs and has been publish in various magazines, both in print and online. She is the author of "The True Nature of Tarot: Your path to personal empowerment" and the novel, "Coven". Diane is also the creator of two tools of self-empowerment "Insight Stones - a game of self-awareness" and "Pathways - an interactive journey of self-discovery".

Diane works with her clients to find meaning and fulfillment in their lives by helping them release their inner Magick. Her website is Forest Witch.

My Review:
Well, to be honest, I love this book. It's the kind of book that catches your attention right away. It doesn't "lag" and take forever to pick up. Now as for the stories themselves, they are fricken great. There are stories that have to do with spirits, witchcraft, karma (well that's how I would describe one of the stories), and the unusual. More like a book on the supernatural. 

There are seven tales in this book and they are (description included):
  • Thorne Manor - Meet Heather, a woman trying to separate herself from an emotionally abusive ex-husband. While pursuing her dream of opening a business, she finds herself in an old, abandoned mansion that houses a sinister secret.
  • Guardian at the Gate - A demon with plans to take over the world is given a leadership makeover.
  • The Black Sheep - A troubled, clairaudient girl rejects her psychotherapist when a new spirit begins to counsel her.
  • The Quiet Neighbors - A housewife's attempt at witchcraft backfires.
  • By invitation Only - A grieving pet owner is visited by an unusual creature.
  • Dream State - A woman's dreams become deadly reality.
  • Good Riddance - A man's hatred for cats creates an unexpected result.
All of the stories are great! My favorites are Thorne Manor and Good Riddance. Thorne Manor was suspenseful, thrilling and kept you on the edge of your seat. It's like watching one of those haunted mansion movies, but better. I will admit there were a few times I had the chills after putting the book down. And the great thing about this book, you actually feel as if you are right there when all this craziness happens. I can still see images from the stories in my head. I love this book.

Go check it out for yourself. You won't regret it. I mean it =)
You can purchase Thorne Manor and Other Bizarre Tales on Amazon (paperback and kindle edition)
Also at Barnes and Noble (paperback and NOOK book)
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