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Tylers Coffee Review

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About Tylers Coffee:
When the founder (Tyler) was 16 years old he decided to pursue his aspiration. He told his dad about his plan on wanting to be an entrepreneur and his had supported him all the way. His father had caught the entrepreneurial bug himself making him the one responsible for passing it on to Tyler! Tyler always looked up to his dad and he knew that he could make his father proud. A couple days after Tyler's revelation, his father had asked him a question that would shape his future, "Tyler, what are the two biggest commodities in the world?" He had no idea. His father told him to look it up and he rushed to the computer and found out that the first was oil and the second was coffee. They both decided the coffee was out of reach so they knew that coffee was just waiting for Tyler to sell it.

Tyler's father had a friend who was in the coffee business and one day he presented him with the silver packs of coffee that had been roasted in Bosnia. He agreed to sell them and set off on an adventure with a backpack full of coffee and go door to door. After he had sold his first two cases his dad had realized how serious Tyler was and had ten more cases shipped. Those cases that were shipped began the company well known as Tyler's Coffee. The support that Tyler received from his father and his father's friend was the foundation of his company.

After four years, Tyler grew and matured immensely and made sure that he would not be underestimated for his age. He researched and studied his project, making sure that he could answer any questions that were thrown at him with a precise answer. His passion for entrepenueurism made him who he is today and the success of his company.

In 2006 around the holiday season, Tyler had received the most wonderful gift. A spot on the shelf of an exclusive, high-end Arizona Grocery store chain called AJ's Fine Foods. Sounds like some great coffee if you as me!!

My review:
Unfortunately I wasn't able to try the coffee. Darn coffee maker didn't want to work for me... I found an alternative. I let my brother in law give the coffee a try. FYI, he's a coffee junkie. Here is a picture of the package (note: the pictures were not taken by me):

As soon as he opened the package he sends me a text saying, "nice aroma." To me that's a plus. I wouldn't want to drink coffee that smells bad, lol.

Here is the coffee in the coffee pot 

And BAM! The coffee all brewed and ready to drink. Now I asked him if he could tell me what he thinks of the coffee, his own opinion of course. I was shocked at what he had said, "Tastes better than Starbucks coffee. Doesn't taste strong. A four and a half star brew." Now the reason why I say I was shocked is because he is a Starbucks kinds of drinker. That's the only place he get's his coffee. But hearing, well reading his reaction because it was in a text was surprising to me. Goes to show you that This is some shweet coffee.

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