Thursday, August 23, 2012

GloDose Review

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GloDose is a great for giving your child medicine in the night time. If your child has a fever and need medicine at night, no need to turn the light on anymore. GloDose is the mom-invented medicine dropper that makes admistering medicine easier.

There are nights where my children are sick and don't want to be bothered by the light to take medicine. It makes them very crabby and they refuse their medicine. The GloDose makes things easier at night not only for you, but for the child as well. The Glodose medicine dropper has a light built in the top. Just push down on the top and the light does on. '

You can see how much medicine you are giving the child so this way you aren't giving them to much or to little. Glodose also makes the proper dosing easier for parents and grandparents who may need a bit of help with reading the amount due to age-related far-sightedness.

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