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Willow Store - Sprout Cream Review and Giveaway

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About Willow Store:
From generation after generation we have lived on our Earth understanding that all things will return to the earth, all things are reusable. In our recent history, people have gotten off track and have forgotten about our future. We have created materials that are single use and cannot be returned back to the Earth. This disrupts the natural cycle and change in our future. We must take care of our planet, preserve it for our children and stop treating the planet as though it is a single use.

Now it is time to move forward with the basic principle. Catherine Bolden, a mother and founder of the Willow Store created the company in 2005 to share her dedication and respect for our Earth, children and our reusable future.

They will not compromise on their beliefs. All of their products are ethically manufactured in the US, they strongly support small business, and living wages. They choose only the highest quality materials, and other organic materials possible, sourced in the US whenever possible.

My Review:
The Willow Store has lots of great products that are all naturals and great for the environment. They sell a wide range of items from nursing pads to organic cloth wipes, feminine pads to natural laundry products, and much more. The products I reviewed is the Sprout Cream.

The Sprout Cream is an all over ointment that works to heal and prevent rash. The cream is great for any type of diapers, it washes out easily and won't stain. The Sprout Creams uses a unique formula that is for any bacteria to live, but it extremely gentle on delicate skin. Is also helps promote the body's natural healing process as well as reducing the chances of a new diaper rash to start. It is specially made with food-grade ingredients the keeps it safe for baby's skin.

The container comes in 2 ounces  so its perfect for diaper bags and at home. Ingredients in the cream are: Vegetable Glycerine, Cetearyl Glucoside/Phosphatidyl Choline, Silver Oxide and a dash of kindness.

This is what the cream looks like inside the container. The texture is almost a honey like consistency. It's not stick though like honey. When applying the cream to the body it goes on real smooth. All you need is a small amount and it goes a long way. I use it all the time for my youngest I enjoy using the product. My son uses cloth diapers and the cream doesn't damage them at all. There are no stains and it doesn't clump. I love using the product =)

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