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Grindz Pants Review

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About Grindz:
Grindz pants are the perfect sports wear for children and adults. The pants have pads that are located on the inside of the pants. The pads are made with multi density molded padding that ensures you longevity, support, impacts energy deflection, and the mobility adaptation while you are in motion. Regular pads are made with a simple soft open cell generic padding which makes the design not positioned over certain areas of the body that are round shaped, high and low points, and they have a higher priority protection need for areas like the hip bone, tail bone, and the knee caps.

Grindz pads are made with Pro-Foam, which is a Grindz developed combination of materials and shape that are made with a higher loft dense level right over the centralized impact zones. They are also surrounded by a channel of dense padding. The lover leveled channels have a duel purpose.  The dense padding to wraps around the impact zone for secondary protection and not be stiff and uncomfortable under the apparel which is a feature in Grinz hidden protection. Air can also circulate under that pads so that you don't get to hot or sweaty under the pads, not like the current pads on the market.

My Review:
I was thrilled to review the Grindz pants. Honestly, I have never heard for pants that had padding inside. I've heard of shirts with padding, but that's some weird thing called shoulder pads that's supposed to look stylish... um, no, lol. But with the Grindz pants they are perfect for children and adults that do extreme sports, skateboard, bike ride and so on. I know when I was younger my parents made me where the shoulder and knee pads when I went bike riding or even roller skating. I used to hate it because not only was I made fun of, but I seen other children without any and I wanted to be like them.

Now I know children hate the idea of wearing pads, even when they know it is protecting their body. It's the pressure from others such as the teasing and the wanting to fit in. But, there is a solution to that. With the Grindz pants, the padding is located on the inside of the pants so no one can see them and it'll keep anyone safe. Here is a picture of what the pants look like.

 These are the Grindz Regular Fit Denim Jeans. They look like a regular pair of jeans. There is no way you can tell there is any padding inside.

 Here is what the pants look like when they are in-side out. As you can see there are knee pads and hip pads. The padding is very comfortable and you don't really notice them at all.

 And here is the back view of what the pants look like. You can see a clearer picture on where the hip pads are and then there is also a pad for the tailbone. Now these are perfect, like I said, for any sport. You could even wear these to a job if you wanted to. Or even for moving. They are great and they are also machine washable. There is no need to remove the pads. It's that easy.

Check out Grindz website for other products and maybe get a couple pairs for someone you love =)
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