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Rock Candy Life - Shower Curtain Review and Giveaway

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About Rock Candy Life:
The founder, Annie Jones, was having a hard time finding shower curtains that she love. She was looking for ones that matched her love for modern-vintage design and everything mid-century. Rock Candy Life was created by a desire to create shower curtains that are design conscious for consumers that aren't willing to go green if they are compromised by their love of design.

When Rock Candy Life found out that they can make their curtains environmentally safe without compromising on design, they offer them at an accessible price and that's how they were born. Their mission is to provide stylish home products that are good for the consumer as well. Rock Candy life is based on the philosophy that great design and an eco-friendly lifestyle can co-exist. Their custom designs are shaped through creative minds of the designers and the principal of the Rock Candy Media. They see Rock Candy life as a way to share their love for design and also their commitment in the world we live in.

Rock Candy Life shower curtains are 100% recyclable, chlorine and PVC-free. The curtains do not emit "off-gasses" as a traditional shower curtain does. By eliminating the need of a liner, you decrease the waste as well. All the shower curtains by Rock Candy Life are designed right in Texas and shipped from their creative shop in North Austin.

My Review:
Rock Candy Life has a great selection of shower curtains. I am a shower curtain lover. I am always looking for something new when the one in the bathroom gets old (obviously), lol. I never really got into the plain curtains or the fabric ones. Plain seems to... how do I put it... blah. It has no oomph to it. Fabric curtains, yeah, um... they are a pain. I know it saves money because you can throw them in the wash, but since there is not washer and dryer where I live, I don't feel like dragging it to the laundry mat all the time. So, we usually buy our shower curtains.

I love getting ones that have designs on them. Not only to add some color to the bathroom, but also for my children to look at as well. But it's hard to find something that is stylish and also eco-friendly. And if I do find a curtain that is eco-friendly, it's on the pricey side. So, I came across Rock Candy Life. Here is what I received:

This is the Royal Shower Curtain ($24.99)

And this is the Into the Woods Shower Curtain Hooks ($14.99)

I love the design of the curtain and hooks. They both have a natural theme to them. The designs are both different, but the style pretty much fits. The curtain hooks remind me of summer. As for the shower curtain, it is gorgeous. I would have taken some photos of the curtain up in the shower, but I am waiting for the curtain that we currently have to get old so I can put the Rock Candy Life one up. My walls in my bathroom are white and this will add some texture and color into the room. 
I know this curtain will last a while as well. The thing with Rock Candy Life shower curtains is that you can wash them so they last longer. But, you should not wash them in the washer or add any detergent or chemical to it. You don't want to damage it at all. All you need to do is take a damp cloth to it and that is pretty much it. Sounds like an easy job =)

If you are looking to purchase a shower curtain the is stylish, affordable and eco-friendly, check out Rock Candy Life's website.
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  1. My fiance and I recent bought a place that already has a shower curtain. We have been looking for a shower curtain for a while. A curtain that is not plastic and can be wiped off with a cloth sounds awesome. And with our first on the way I do not think I will want to be washing a shower curtain all the time. Eco-friendly sounds awesome with all of the horrible chemicals destroying the environment, though I was unaware shower curtains were a culprit. And rock candy sounds like an absolutely delicious company :-). Love your blogs elitemama

    1. Lol, I remember moving into a place with my husband that had a shower curtain already in the shower. We had to toss it though because it was filthy... That showed us that the landlord didn't clean the place before we moved in. Well, anyways, lol, the curtains from Rock Candy Life I would have to say is one of the best curtains that we have ever had. I know we haven't used it yet, can't wait to, but the curtain is great quality. You can tell from the look and the feel that it is not stingy material and that it will last a long time.
      And thank you for the lovely compliment =)

  2. I normally use plain clear curtains form bed bath and beyond...but this curtain looks so cute! id love to get it

  3. Right now i have a blue & gold celestial design!! :)

  4. We have a neutral shower curtain but we are so over it!

  5. we urrently have a tan liner with a blue cloth curtain on the outside. ick!

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