Friday, November 30, 2012

Dino Lingo Video

Unknown | 8:07 AM |
Want your child to have fun learning a new language? I just watched a video from Dino Lingo (English) and it's very educational for the little ones. It's just a sample of what will be on the DVDs. There are many languages to choose from. There is English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic and much more.
My son and daughter sat down and watched the English version of Dino Lingo and they loved it. For the first time in a while they actually sat through a video without moving and jumping around, lol. My daughter loved seeing the cats that were popping up in the clip. She even repeated everything they were saying as well. 
I personally think this is a great show for any young child. This is definitely an eye catcher with the little ones that teaches them how to identify the animal or item and also teach them how to read as well. I cant wait to have my children watch the other language videos! Check them out for yourself =)

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