Friday, December 28, 2012

Nutrisystem Journey Week 2

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Oooooh yeah! I am on a weight lose roll. Huh, well, this week was a bit of a struggle though. It was the day of Christmas that I did, well, go a little over board when it came to eating. I didn't over eat, I just had a few extra things that I know I shouldn't have had and to be honest I still regret my actions. I make is sound like I am taking this to the extreme, but it is extreme for me it is because I am on a diet.

I did gain an extra pound after Christmas and I made sure I burned it off. That one pound though that I gained made me feel heavy. I felt as if I had gained 20 pounds that day and it didn't feel good. I felt lazy, tired and I didn't want to do much. Yes, one pound did all of that to me! So the next day I made sure I worked my butt off to lose that extra pound. I was 186.6 lbs on Christmas and weighed 187.6 the next day. I stuck with Nutrisystem and the meal plan, worked out and I've lost a good amount of weight this week. I'm so happy! I would have lost more if only I didn't splurge on Christmas. Lesson learned here, lol. So far this week I lost a total of 2 pounds. The chart below shows you how much weight I have lost so far in the past 2 weeks.
Not bad huh? It is pretty good and I am proud of where things are going, but I can't wait to lose more of these unwanted pounds =) I have 145.2 more pounds to go!

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