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Me4Kidz Review

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About me4kids:
me4kids is a family owned and operated business. Their core focus is designing functional and modern first-aid kits that prompt and inspire caregivers and parents world-wide to be prepared when it comes to everyday childhood injuries. To keep jobs in the Country, their products are manufactured in the USA. They donate products each year to educational fundraisers and children's organizations to better the lives of others that are not able to afford any first aid products. me4kids is also very conscious of the environment. They do their part in keeping the earth green by using lead-free and recycled plastic.

me4kids is proudly partnered with non-profit organizations to provide consistent work for those of various disabilities allowing them the opportunity to feel a sense of need in the community and to also increase their self esteem. All of the products are put together by loving and caring individuals with disabilities  They love what they do and they strive for you to love it too. They are not just a first aid company, but they are also a first aid company that cares.

My Review:
I came across me4kids when I was searching for a great way to teach my oldest to brush is teeth. I know that boy is 5 years old, but there is an issue when it comes to him brushing on his own. He doesn't brush very long, he'll do a lazy job and he always manages to have either stains still on his teeth or his breath smells.... He's still young, but I want him to do a good job to prevent cavities and all that other nastiness you get in your mouth. me4kids sent me the Smile Buddy kit for review:

The Smile Buddy kit comes with 24 items total. Here is a list of the items you get with the kit:
1 - Kid friendly Suction Cup Toothbrush
1 - Crest toothpaste with fluoride
12 - Dentek Fun Flossers
1 - 2 to 3 minute kid friendly brushing sand timer
8- Kid friendly fun stickers
1 - Reusable and Recyclable carry anywhere case

To be honest I was a little skeptical when it came to the flossers. I was more iffy on it because I thought that maybe Jordan is a bit young to floss, but to tell you the truth, it's a good thing he is doing it now after he brushes. Well, not every time after he brushes, it more like every other day when it comes to him flossing. The timer is also a big help when it comes to Jordan brushing his teeth. Before the timer he would brush his teeth between 30 seconds to a minute and then the husband or I would have to tell him to go back and do a better job. He knows now that he has to brush the whole time till all of the sand has reached the bottom of the timer.

We all know what the tooth paste does, so I'm not going to explain that to ya, lol. And last but not least, the stickers. Well, that and the case. As for the stickers.... Um.... yeah.... I had no time to use those for Jordan as a good job type of thing because my youngest got a hold of them and I found them plastered onto his wall. Oh was it fun taking them off the wall... So yeah... But, I did happen to find other stickers that I could use so that helped out.

The carry case is used all the time of course. Jordan stores his tooth brush and toothpaste in there so his brother and sister don't get a hold of his stuff. He prefers to have his stuff separate anyways. Makes him feel special =) All in all, this product is great, especially for those that are learning how to brush. This is a great product and it worked wonders, well, is still working wonders for my oldest. I am definitely considering getting one for my other two children.

Thinking about getting your little one a Buddy? me4kids has a great selection of buddy kits that are fit for every need. You can purchase their products online of you can find a retailer near you.
You can also find me4kids on:

Disclaimer:Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed. 

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