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Nutrisystem Journey Week 4 and 5

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Your probably wondering why I am putting week 4 and 5 together in one post. Well, I forgot to post last week and it didn't hit me till Monday of this week. So I figured I would just post both weeks together. So far in the past two weeks, things have been progressing with my weight lose. I'm extremely excited because not only am I making progress, but I am almost there to fit into my favorite jeans! YAY!!!!

Well, I've had these favorite jeans for over 4 years and the last time I was able to wear them was when I was pregnant with my daughter. No they are not maternity jeans either. I guess when I was pregnant with my daughter I was fit. I was extremely active with her and I did lose weight in the areas I needed to, except the stomach of course, lol. The weight didn't stay off because about a year later or so I was pregnant with my youngest. Now that there is no more babies I am on a roll! I have lost 15 pounds so far and I am slowly loosing more. I mentioned in my last post, which is week 3 that I was going to try working out after every meal because my weight was at a halt for a while. I've been keeping up with that, but not as much. I do more cleaning, running with the kids, walking and eating less.

With Nutrisystem, they want you to add snacks in between meals like your power fuels (Cheese, nuts, milk, eggs and more) and your smart carbs (Bread, pasta, grains and more), but I haven't been adding those into my diet. I mean, I do add them in my diet, but only if I am having them with my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The snacks in between kind of throw everything off with my body and then the weight either gains or doesn't go anywhere. I don't mind eating three times a day anyways. To be honest, if I do have the snacks in between the meals, I'm either full the whole day or feel sick because I have eaten to much.

Oh, and when it comes to going out to eat, I have been eating healthy. My father-in-law usually comes over once a week and we like to go out. Sometimes we'll go to the mall and eat there or go to a buffet. At the mall I get subway instead of McDonalds. I've noticed McDonalds has added their calorie and sodium intake on each of their food items they sell. Oh my gosh is it gross.... Some of those burgers on their menu have enough calories to last you a whole fricken day! It's outrageous seeing the amount each burger has and it's sickening at the same time. Now that I have been watching my calories, seeing things like the menu at McDonalds grosses me out.

Here is my weight loss progress for week 4 and 5:

40 more pounds to go! Oooh yeah =)

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