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Nutrisystem Journey Week 6 and 7

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Whew, 7 weeks so far! Wow! Well, things have been a bit iffy on my journey for the past two weeks. I managed to lose some weight but then I gained it back. It was an on and off thing and it was disappointing on my part. I mean, I have come a long way, but I don't feel as if I am doing enough... I did something last week that made me regret every moment of it. I cheated on my diet by eating what? McDonalds. Yes, I had some McDonalds last week and NEVER again!

I cannot believe one burger and a medium fries put four fricken pounds on me in one day. Four pounds! I mean, what the heck was up with that. I was 178.6lbs and then I jumped up to 182.6lbs the next day... The one thing that did grossed me the heck out was the greasy and fatty taste the burger had. It didn't taste like a burger when I used to eat McDonalds all the time. I went over a month without it and then the moment I had it (last week) it was disgusting.

One thing I have noticed since the Nutrisystem diet is that food doesn't taste the way it used to when it comes to going out to eat. There is this one little place that I would love going to and I always ordered the same dish. The teriyaki chicken from Sarku was amazing. I mean it was to die for and I loved it. I'd eat it about once a week when I went out. I ordered it this week I believe and it wasn't the same. The taste was bland and fatty. Yes, I could taste the fat. I don't know if it was the sauce, the chicken, the oil or what it was, but it wasn't what I used to eat.

I've noticed that with a lot of places and I just can't eat it. It's a good thing though, lol. I guess when you teach your body to eat healthy and eat right, you get used to it and everything that may seem good like McDonalds or Sarku become unpleasant and just not worth it. I've noticed a big change in my children's eating habits as well. Now, before Nutrisystem I used to eat. One plate was never enough for me, even when the food was delicious. I pretty much ate till my stomach was about to pop. My children were seeing the way I was eating and they started doing the same.

The fear of them becoming obese kicked in and I would limit there food a bit but never mine. I wanted to cut down but I just had that attitude of, "I could never do it". Now that I am doing the Nutrisystem and I've cut down a LOT on my portions and how much I eat, my children as well are doing the same. They see that I have one plate of something, they have one plate and we are all done. There have been a lot of leftovers as well, lol. Before there would be a bit or none and now we have enough left overs for another meal the next day.
I mean, a lot has changed. I know now that fast food is definitely not a choice, not matter how bad I'm craving it. I still have a long way to go, but I know I can do it. I just have to have a little more faith in myself and be strong =) I wouldn't have gone this far without the help of Nutrisystem.

Here is my weight lose progress so far:

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