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A Guy's World T-shirt Review and Giveaway

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A Guy's World Inspiration:
"I am an avid Etsy user and I noticed that there was a distinct lack of items geared towards men. I usually go on to find something unique and pretty for my fiancé and while I am there I sometimes look around for myself but unfortunately there were not many items for a guy like me. So I decided to change that and open up my own shop.

The idea for my sayings comes from a phrase I always told my fiancé from the day we met, Who loves his girlfriend (now fiancé) and had two thumbs? This guy. Of course I couldn't fit all of this on one shirt so I shortened it and here we are. I hand screen print my designs onto soft and comfy tees that any guy will love to wear."

My Review:
I received a shirt that was perfect for my husband. I wanted to get him something that not only has some humor, but some truth to it as well, lol. So I searched A Guy's World Etsy shop and found the perfect shirt (This Guy Forgets 2 Do The Dishes! Sometimes...).

My husband has this thing with dishes. There are times he has me leave a sink full of dishes, yes, a sink full. With 3 kids and the two of us, dishes seem to always build up no matter how many times we wash them. Anyways, he'll have me leave the dishes for him and a lot of the times he forgets to do them. So, as you can see, the shirt is perfect for him, lol.

I got the shirt in green because green is my Husbands favorite color. I will never forget the look on his face when I showed him the shirt for the first time. He gave me one of those "What the heck?" looks and then smirked. I told him that it was perfect for him because why? He forgets to do the dishes when he says he will do them. All he did was laugh, lol.

Here is a picture of my husband having a drink before he does the dishes, lol. Must be a guy thing... lol. A Guy's World t-shirts are extremely comfortable and they offer shirts for both men and women. There is a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. You can find something for yourself, spouse, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend or whomever it may be.

Check out A Guy's World for their awesome selection of shirts! You can visit them on their Etsy Shop.
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  1. I would get the This Girl Loves Her Husband. T-shirt

  2. i would get This guy loves his Fiancé T-shirt :) and the this girl loves her fiance tshirt :) thanx

  3. I would get "I Lift, Therefore I AM" for my son in law!

  4. I want then all! but This Guy Loves Hunting!

  5. this guy loves his wife... lol and we'll see if he wears it!

  6. I would get "this guy is an awesome dad" for my husband

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    1. I also struggle with the smaller choices for man T-Shirts . I'm happy to now know where to look. Thanks much!