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Nutrisystem Journey Week 12 to 14

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Oooh what a long 3 weeks this has been... There have been a lot of good moment, bad moments and of course the regrets. Well, before I begin on my little brief summary of the last few weeks, I wanted to show ya the Nutrisystem bears I have.

These right here are the Nutrisystem bears that you get for every 10 pounds that you lose. It's a lovely reward for the long journey ahead.

Each bear that they have comes in different colors (obviously), lol. The thing is though, you don't get to choose. They have them color coded for every amount of weight that is lost.

There is also a little tag attached letting you know what the bear stands for. The tag for the 20lb bear says, "Losing 20 lbs. proves you have the commitment you need to succeed, but a little inspiration from Commitment couldn't hurt." I of course have these bears on display, well, in the bedroom at the moment because of the kids, lol. They try to steal the bears from me... So for now they will be in the bedroom till we get a shelf for the wall.

Now as for my journey, it's been pretty rough. For a weeks straight I was sick with who knows what it was. My family and I went to this one restaurant called Golden Coral for dinner and well, the food tasted like crap. The scalloped potatoes weren't cooked all the way, the steak was chewy, hard and didn't taste right and everything else was terrible. We have gone to this place in the past and this was the first time ever the food tasted like (censored)....

Yeah, so I think that's what made me sick. Never again will we be eating there at that place! I didn't gain anything that week because of course I was sick, but I did lose a pound. So from being 174 I went down to 173. Not to bad. A week later I was feeling better and of course my appetite was coming back. I kept up with the diet, did the meal plan, stayed active, but.... I snacked at night. I used to snack a lot at night months and months ago and that's what put a lot of the old weight on. That and over eating. But as I was saying, I snacked a couple times during the week late at night and of course I ended up gaining. This was a major downfall in my journey and also one of my regrets.

I see why they say not to snack on anything so late in the night... Well, being over at my friends, and they eat late made me want to eat with them. I guess I felt awkward not joining them. Still no excuse though, lol. That put 5 pounds on me which was an "OMG!" moment for me and I just said enough is enough. As you can see I still have an issue trying to control my urge for food. That put me at 178 pounds... Now when I do feel like having a snack at night, I just drink lots of water. It makes me want to go to the bathroom numerous times, but that's better then having to eat so late and then seeing those awful pounds nip me in the butt.

As for this week, I am having a bit of a hard time now trying to lose that weight that I gained. I was on a roll for a bit till the snacking happened and that threw everything off. It's not going to stop me though from getting to my goal! My husband and I just recently picked up the new Nike game for the Kinect and it is amazing!

 I would have to say this is what is going to be helping me out a lot. So far I have done three workout on it and honestly, you feel the burn and you notice a big difference. The workouts on this game helps you strengthen your body, teaches you endurance and of course overall fitness. You can personalize it to the level you want to start out, choose your fitness trainer and so on. To be honest I was skeptical about this game because I didn't think it would really do anything compared to going to a gym. We figured why not just give it a try and see how things go from there.

I am in LOVE with this game. I have it set up where I do workouts 3 times a week. So on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would be doing 28 minute workouts. In between those days I can do challenges that they have or a 5 minute session. Since it's only been a week I have just done the work outs. Once I get more into the game/workout, I will be doing the 5 minute sessions in between each day and then of course working my way up to working out 4 days and so on. I have also noticed that my body is getting toned and I am also gaining more muscle. As for the weight, I've lost just a pound so far, but I am working on it! That brings me down to 177 pounds this week. It's going to take me a bit now since I have messed my fabulous streak up, but I can do this. I have confidence in myself =)

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