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Nutrisystem Journey Week 8 - Week 11

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Has it really been eleven weeks now? Really? Honestly, it's hard to believe. The time has gone by so darn fast I can't even keep track anymore, lol. Well, this Nutrisystem post is one that I have been meaning to do in a while. I believe the last post I did was about a month ago. I know it's been a long time. There has been so much going on that lately it has been so hard to keep up and then on top of that my family and I have been getting sick left and right. My oldest son woke up this morning with a stomach ache and, well... Yeah, everything came up...

Anyways, I am feeling better then I did before and I have some awesome news! I have lost 21 pounds so far! I cannot believe how much I have lost within the past few months and it's amazing. I mean, there were a few times within the month that I did splurge. It mainly happened when it came to going out for dinner a few times this month. I guess it didn't matter if I ate light or not, I still gained it. It got to the point where I had gained 5 pounds or so during one week and when I had stepped on that scale everything in my body felt as if there were weights just pulling me down. I felt the weight, but the moment I saw how much I gained made me pissed, sick, disappointed and I felt as if I wasn't doing enough.

It is a big deal for me when it comes to gaining weight. I have been self conscious since elementary school. I remember when kids in my class would pick on me saying that I was fat and ugly. I wasn't over weight at the time, but the things they were saying to me hurt and yes, I did feel ginormous. In middle school I tried to become anorexic and I couldn't because I love food. I tried to be bulimic, but I couldn't do it. I've tried diets in the past and I never succeeded. When I got to high school things were ok, but then when I started working at Mc Donalds, I began to gain the weight. I was 185lbs nine years ago and I was the same weight a few weeks ago. I guess after high school my weight has been on the obese side.

When I was 16, going on 17, I was pregnant with my oldest. I dropped out of high school because I didn't want anyone to see me. I felt like a whale and instead of me thinking more about completing my education, I was thinking of what others had to say about me. This is what ruined me for a long time. And let me just say this before I finish, I am not a high school drop out! I did get my GED not only for me, but for my children as well. I believe that if a child sees that both parents have some form of education whether it's a GED, HSD, HSED or even a College Degree, they have a greater chance of completing school themselves.

Now, before my son was born, I was 250lbs or so with him. I gained a crap ton because why? I was extremely lazy!! I still have picture from when I was pregnant with him and honestly, I just wanted to cry. I never thought I would ever get there and it messed me up badly. I had a hard time during labor, I couldn't walk for 2 weeks after I had my son, I had back spasms, constant joint pain and so on. It was extremely stressful on me to the point where I didn't want o eat and I just gave up. I couldn't take it anymore and I guess I was on what some might call a stress diet. Not a good thing either.

I did start losing the weight and I managed to get down to 180. Then I was pregnant with my daughter, was fit and active, gained only 15 lbs and felt amazing. With my youngest son, I gained more in my belly then my body, lol. Enough talk about pregnancy and that now, lol. Basically what I am trying to say is that it's been a struggle for me and it's been that way for a very long time. It doesn't bother me as much as it did before because I am doing something about it. I have found something that is working for me. Something that is helping me complete my goal not only with my weight, but it is also giving me the confidence that I have never had in myself. I feel strong because I am defeating an enemy that has been bringing me down for so long. I have come a very long way and I am sticking with this all the way through. I have Nutrisystem to thank and also my family and friends as well for their love and support =)

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