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Guppie Shoes Review and Giveaway

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Guppi shoes are a unique and stylish new way to jazz up bland to pizzazz! What makes Guppi so unique? Well, with Guppi, you can transform your shoes any way you want. Starting from the sole of the shoe all the way to the laces.

As you can see in the picture above I have my set of Guppi shoes. 

I received the outsoles, tongues, heels, laces and side panels. It looks like it's a lot to it, but when it comes to assembling the shoes it's pretty simple. 

Before assembling theses shoes, it's best to watch the video first! You can find the video HERE. This will make things easier for you when you are putting your new kicks together. To be honest, I forgot about the video when I was putting the shoes together and was having a hard time. Nothing serious! lol.

Now, first thing to do is get the outsoles ready. Lift the insole up and place that aside. You will see a set of 2 sippers at the bottom. These are your tools when it comes to assembling the shoes. Note: Make sure you store them in a safe place! I had to store them where the kids wouldn't get to them. These pieces need to be saved for any future changes on your shoes.

Take the zipper that was located underneath the insole and string it through the area you want to work on. I did the side panels first before the other pieces. When it comes to assembling the shoes, just thing of it as zipping a jacket. All you do is place one end of the piece through the zipper and then zip on away.

Once you have the side panels and the heel attached, it's time to add the tongue. The tongue doesn't need to be zipped like the other pieces. Just take the insole and place it in the slot of the tongue. Once that us done, just side it on in your shoe and you are set. Well, you need to add the laces and then you are ready to go =)

Here is a picture of one shoe assembled. 

And here is the second shoe. I would have to say I like the first shoe the best. Mainly because of the design and the color. Since the shoes have been assembled, I have worn them a few times. I wasn't able to wear them as much as I wanted to due to the snow that we were having. But, when I did wear them I would have to say they are pretty comfortable. I have wide feet and honestly, they worked great with that. So far, I have not had any issues with them. I would suggest not walking in the snow with them though. I did once and my feet were damp... Same thing has happened with my other shoes.

All in all, I really enjoy Guppi's shoes! I love the fact that you can create your own shoe any way you please. Forget paying an arm and a leg for some custom shoes when you can get a pair of Guppi's and make your own shoes any way you want.

Check out Guppi for their fabulous designs and to purchase. They are also offering a 35% discount on all items from their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to purchase sizable orders of inventory. 
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