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Influenster VoxBox - Sugar 'n Spice

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Have you checked out Influenster yet? With Infuenster, anyone can join. Every couple months they send you products to try before they hit the store. The only thing you have to do is share it with the world by sharing your review on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more! So far I have received 3 boxes and out of all of them, I would have to say this one is my favorite.

I received a great number of items in this box. When I found out I was going to get the Sugar 'n Spice box, food and junk like some candy. Yeah, I got my hopes up, lol. I'm not complaining though because this right here is amazing. Here are the items I've received.

Nectresse - $6.99 for 5.9oz container, or $3.99 for a box of 40 packets:
Nectresse sweetener tastes like sugar but has zero calories per serving! 100% all natural, Nectresse is made primarily from monk fruit combines with other natural sweeteners.

My review: Let me just say this is what I call a sweet treat. I started using Nectress for my coffee instead of 2 to 3 spoonfuls of sugar. I know it's a lot of sugar, but I love sweet coffee, lol. I never cared for the bitterness of coffee and I would never drink my coffee straight! Since Nectresse, my coffee has never been the same. All I need is one packet and my coffee is good to go. The taste is delicious and I love the natural flavors. Another thing that I love about Nectresse is that there are no calories in it what so ever. So now I can enjoy a guilt free cup of coffee =)

belVita Breakfast Biscuits - $3.69 got a box of 5 packets / 4 biscuits in each pack:
belVita Breakfasr Biscuits are made of delicious ingredients and carefully baked to release steady energy that last all morning. They are a good source of Fiber and B-vitamins, contains no high fructose corn syrup, have 18-20 grams of whole grain per 50 gram serving and taste great - perfect for on-the-go!

My review: These are perfect for those morning when you don't have time to eat. They are crunchy, tasty and they do fill you up as well. I've tried breakfast shakes, drinks, biscuits and so on and none of them were as good as the belVita Breakfast Biscuits. Though, on the other hand, they are a bit dry. I would suggest having something to drink next to them like maybe a glass of mike, juice, water or even a cup of coffee.

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes: $5.99 for a box of 20-count box:
Introducing Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes - The soothing blend of Witch Hazel and aloe on these facial wipes rejuvenates your skin by gently lifting dirt, oil and impurities from your pores while nourishing even the most sensitive skin. The result is a clean, refreshed and blemish-free complexion even when you're out and about.

My review: I received a box of the Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes which as 20 in there plus 5 coupons as well. So far I've used a few of these towelettes when I first wake up. They feel great on the skin but the only thing I don't like about it is the smell. I don't know if it's the Witch Hazel in the product or what else it could be, but the smell is not so pleasing. It's one of those products that work great and makes you feel good, but the smell is unpleasant, lol.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Total Moisture: $7.99 for 6.5 oz can -
New Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Total Moisture is a continuous spray lotion that moisturizes and absorbs in seconds, and leaves skin feeling instantly soft - not sticky or greasy. Now you won't have to wait for your lotion to absorb before pulling on those skinny jeans!

My Review: Wow! First off, I never thought I would ever see lotion in a spray bottle. Well, more like an aerosol can or whatever the hell ya call it, lol. This right here beats pumping this thick wad of lotion on your skin and spending a lifetime rubbing it in. I love using this lotion, especially when I am being rushed to get out the house and go somewhere, lol. It's simple to use, absorbs quickly and your skin feels like a babies bottom! Just spray, rub it in and BAM! You are all done. I've even put on a pair of jeans right after I put the lotion on and I honestly could even tell I had put any lotion on. Definitely would be getting some more of this =)

Colgate Optic White Regimen:
Toothpaste: $2.99 for 4oz tube
Mouthwash: $2.99 for 8oz blottle
Toothbrush: $2.99 per brush

My review: I haven't tried the toothpaste and mouthwash yet. My husband picked up mouthwash and toothpaste a day before I got all these Colgate products. I have been using to the toothbrush though.

The Colgate toothbrush has whitening cups that remove surface stains from your teeth for a natural and whiter smile. It also cleans those hard to reach places as well. The back of the toothbrush has a tongue and cheek cleaner. I love using this toothbrush compared to other brands I have used. Well, they aren't reallt good brands, more like cheap store brands, lol. I never liked paying an arm and a leg for a toothbrush and always thought all tooth brushes are pretty much the same, just different in style.

After using the Colgate toothbrush I can say that I though wrong, lol. Compared to the store brand toothbrush that I was using, the Colgate toothbrush cleans your teeth a lot better then the regular brand. I've noticed my teeth feel smoother, healthier and they are actually getting whiter. I'm not a fan of the tongue cleaner on the brush, but everything else is great!

Check out Influenster and sign yourself up. Just a heads up though, you have request an invite. Once you are accepted, Influenster will email you and you are set to go. You can also find Influenster on:

Disclaimer:Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed. 

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