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Nutrisystem Journey Week 15

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Week 15... Wow! I can't believe it's been this long. Not saying that it's a bummer or anything like that, lol. I just can't believe how fast the time has gone. This week was pretty fast and I would have to say some progress was made. Out of all the stuff going on this week I lost only a pound on Nutrisystem. It's not much, but I'm glad it's a pound lost then a pound gained. That Nike game that I mentioned in the last post is getting harder and harder, lol. I did the workout 2 times this week and let me just say I am still feeling the burn...
I mean, the game gets you toned and I have noticed a big difference! My body is starting to "shape" up and look toned compared to before when it was just a giant blob, lol. Next weeks post I am going to be posting a before and after picture so you guys can see what I am talking about. One thing I did forget to mention in the last post was the new food that was added to the Nutrisystem diet for bloggers.

They have added the frozen foods and let me just say that they are to die for! I mean, they are so tasty and delicious, I could eat them everyday if I wanted to, lol. Well, you only get a certain amount each month and then added with the pantry meals, I make the frozen last. My favorite frozen meal would have to be the Chicken Enchilada meal.

The great thing about the dinner is that it's only 240 calories and only 50 fat calories so you can always add a little something next to it. I like to add some spinach and maybe a slice of multi-grain bread. And let me just say, it does fill you! There are times where I don't even feel like having a dessert because why, I'm full, lol.
Week 15 - 176 pounds

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