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Piggy Paint - Nail Polish Review / 20% off Coupon Code

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About Piggy Paint:
Piggy Paint was founded by Melanie Hurley. She is a mother of two very fancy little girls, ages 6 and 8. They love to have their fingernails painted. Melanie always hated the thought of her kids putting their nails in their mouth after she would paint their nails with traditional kids polish. Not only did the ingestion of the chemicals worry her, but the smell was nearly left her light-headed after painting two sets of fingernails and toenails.

One day while they were painting nails over a foam plate, Melanie's daughter dropped a glob of her solvent-based paint onto the plate. Shortly after the paint had fallen, it began to bubble and "ate" through the plate. Melanie looked in dismay at the hole in the plate and decided to test all of her other "kid" polishes on the foam. Within minutes of trying all the polish, she noticed that they all had the same effect.

From that day on, Melanie decided the any flammable substance that could eat through foam was unacceptable for her children's fingernails. Her quest was on and that's when Piggy Paint was born. Piggy Paint polish is NOT flammable and sit's beautifully on the unaffected foam.

My Review:
What girl doesn't love nail polish? Something about it makes a girl feel like she's a beautiful princess. My daughter loves having her nails done. The only issue I have with doing her nails is the fact that she tends to bite the polish off a day or so later... This bothers me a lot because of the chemicals that are in the regular polish. I've had some experiences when I was younger and it didn't go so well.

I remember when I was younger I used to eat nail polish right after it was applied to my nails. The taste of course was awful, but I continued to do it and I also remember the stomach aches I would get as well. Don't ask me why I kept doing it, but I did. This is why I don't care to put it on my daughter much. I searched for something that would be safe, non-toxic and would not harm her especially since she bites the polish off her fingers. I looked and looked and then I found Piggy Paint. Compared to other sites I came across, Piggy Paint's site is appealing, beneficial and has all the information you need.

I received the following polishes to review: Peace of Cake (peach polish), LOL (pink polish) and Sea-quin (teal polish)

My daughter was excited when she seen me open the package. Once she saw what was in there, she wanted me to do her nails right away, lol. So, I did her nails =)

I ended up doing both her fingernails and her toenails. Now when it came to painting her nails, I was shocked because there was no smell at all. Normally when you open up a thing of nail polish, there is a strong smell to it and it can linger in the house for a while. There was none of that with the Piggy Paint. Another thing I enjoy about the nail polish is how light it is and you don't have to add another coat to bring the color out. There are times I would have to add a second coat because the first coat didn't come out right...

Now as I mentioned before, my daughter bites the polish off a day after she gets it put on. Well, she did and I brought it up to my husband. Now he didn't know that I received the Piggy Paint and he was telling me not to put any polish on her because she can get sick from the chemicals and so on. So, I showed him the Piggy Paint polish and he was shocked to see what it says. I can say I had the same reaction as well when I found Piggy Paint, lol. His tune changed and he said that the polish is a better choice for her and I believe the same as well! Thank you Piggy Paint for the lovely nail polish and I am also very thankful that it's non-toxic and safe to use on my daughter =)

Looking for some nail polish for your little one that's safe to use and won't harm them? Check out Piggy Paint! They have many colors to choose from and they also offer other products as well like nail polish remover, gift sets, accessories and more. You can also find them at your Local Retailer as well. Coupon Code: Piggy20 for 20% off - ends July 15th 

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Disclaimer: Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed. 


  1. LOVE piggy nail polish- so true, it has no smell and no chemicals. Wish this product was around for me when I was a kid! Love the blog =)

    1. I know how ya feel, lol. I wish the same. I used to eat nail polish a lot when I was younger and all those chemicals entering my system wasn't good. My daughter likes to bite her polish off and to be honest, I'd rather have her bit off the Piggy Paint then the regular polish because Piggy Paint is a lot safer.

  2. Fantastic! I did not know they had nail polish geared to kids. My little granddaughter is going to love this -- she is always wanting to paint her nails and we were reluctant to let her use regular nail polish because of the chemicals.