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PowerSox and Gold Toe Sock Review

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About GoldToe Socks:
Decade after decade, fads have come and gone. But a few things never change! One of those things is GoldToe's continual leadership and commitment in creating socks with durability, fit and comfort. With GoldToe socks, they are made with the finest years and are reinforced for a longer and more comfortable wear. Their toe seams are specially rounded for support and comfort. For over eighty years, the iconic gold toe has been identified as the undeniable symbol of quality and there is no other brand like it.

The Innovation:
The principals of innovation infuse every aspect of the GoldToe brand. They are always looking for the "better" way: better materials, better processes and also better performance. The socks are made with the finest yarns and they are reinforced for a longer and more comfortable wear. The toe seams are specially flattened for a smooth fit. The heals are always well rounded for the support and comfort.

My Review:
When it comes to my kids, quality is a must. Well, that depends on what it is, what it is for and also the cost. We all know how kids can be when it comes to certain items, lol. With socks, you need a good quality brand that with not tear easy from the active little ones.

 I received the Sport Quarter for my sons and the Dress Turn Cuff for my daughter. I would have to say the Dress Turn Cuff socks are absolutely adorable. I love putting these socks on my daughter when she's wearing a dress or a cute skirt. It brings out some oomph to her outfit. She's mention many times that the socks are pretty, lol. As for the boys socks, they are sturdy and great for any occasion.

My oldest is one to constantly mess his clothes up in some way. Whether it's cutting holes in his jeans to picking at his shoes, there is always something in pieces from that boy, lol. I've noticed with the previous socks that my husband and I have purchased for the kids become thin after a while and began to fall apart. Well, when it comes to Payless, nothing seems to last very long, lol.

My husband and I have thought about buying some better quality socks for the kids, but with the oldest constantly messing his clothes up all the time, it made us iffy. Well guess what? We aren't so iffy anymore after GoldToe! Now I'm not just saying that because of it's high quality material and it's top notch yarn and what not, I'm saying it because these socks are true to their words. The reason why I say that is because not matter what my kids do, whether it's running around in their socks outside to picking at them, they are durable. I've caught my oldest a few times trying to pick at the socks and the look of frustration was priceless, lol.

I know, I sound cruel... But I'm his mom and it's good to know that he can't destroy these socks so easily. These socks are great for kids and they will definitely last a while compared to Payless socks!

Sport Quarter Socks:
Price: $13.00
Pack: 6 Pair
* Boys GoldToe quarter length athletic socks
* EZ Match system number of grids on the toe to tell the size
40% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 21% Nylon, 1% Spandex

Dressy Turn Cuff Socks:
Price: $10.00
Pack: 3 Pair
* Turn cuff styling creates a timeless look
* Has a reinforced toe and heel
* EZ Match system number of grids on the toe to tell the size
* Stretchy cotton blend that provides an all-day comfort
78% Cotton, 19% Stretch Nylon, 2% Spandex, 1% Polyester

About PowerSox:
PowerSox, a GoldToe brand, delivers the highest standards of quality and performance in a comprehensive collection of athletic wear. PowerSox performance collection offers Power-Lites, Pro-Thicks, CoolMax and also Cotton-Tec socks that exceed the expectations of discerning athletes. 

The PowerSox is a sophisticated piece of equipment that is engineered for the an exceptional performance. Each sock is combined with the finest fibers and sport specific designs to create the best performance sock wear for your athletic activities. 

My Review:
When it comes to shopping for socks, it's like shopping for any other piece of clothing. You have to make sure it fits your feet right, make sure they are not to tight, to loose or whatever else it is. I hate shopping for clothes period... I don't care if it's for a darn pair of socks. Clothes shopping sucks and it also bums me out. Yes, I make a big deal out of it, lol. I never cared for shopping for the right socks. I usually pick up whatever is in my size, pay for them and just leave the store.

But then, after wearing the socks I just bought, they aren't the type I need... I have wide feet or Hobbit feet as I would put it, lol. Finding socks is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There is that one pair of sock out there that it calling my name, but I can't seem to figure out which one to get. Out of all the socks I have tried, PowerSox seemed to be the perfect fit for my Hobbit feet.

I love wearing the PowerSoxs because they are light and airy. I'm not one to wear sandals in the summer and when it comes to tennis shoes and socks, it becomes to hot. I've worn the PowerSox so far in the heat with my tennis shoes and it feels amazing. My feet don't over heat because of the ulrta-thin and light weight material. It's extremely durable as well. As for the toes and the heels, these areas of the sock are a bit thicker than the bottom because it kind of gives your feet some structure.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that the socks help support your arch and stability. You can feel a difference with the PowerSox compared to any other socks that you get from the store. Another thing I have also noticed as well, on my part, don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but it in a way relieves any pain or pressure I might have when it comes to working out or just walking. My left ankle for the longest has been one that gets sprained a gazillion times because I have walked the way or it gets fractured from walking over ice. I guess you can say I have a cursed ankle, lol. I've noticed though that when I wear the PowerSox when I am going for a walk or I am exercising, they seem to depressurize any pressure I might have in my foot and ankle.  

It actually feels amazing wearing these socks and honestly, I will be getting more. They are light weight, they keep your feet arched, perfect for walks or exercise and you don't even notice you have them on till you actually look at your feet, lol.

PowerSox Advanced Dry Socks:
Price: $8.24
Pack: 2 Pair
* HydroTec moisture wicking yarn
* Has an ultra thick/thin construction
* Hand link toe seam
* Moisture Management
* Arch Support
53% Hydrotec Polyester, 27% Nylon, 10% Polyester Exclusive or ornamentation

Looking for some durable, high quality material socks for your children or a great pair of socks to fit your activities whether it's sports or even housework? Check out GoldToe and PowerSox for their amazing selection of socks for men, woman and children. 

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Disclaimer: Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed. 


  1. I love wearing socks especially when going to the gym and some gardening. This looks like a nice pair. Thanks for the review.

    1. These socks are the only ones I seem to wear now since the review, lol. I love them and would definitely recommend them =)You are very welcome!