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Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike Review and Giveaway

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About Kinderfeets:
The Kinderfeets is a balance bike, training bike and also a running bike. It provides a great starting point for children to prepare them to ride a conventional two-wheeled bike. The bike is a cleaver alternative to training wheels and it is considered a superior form of learning to balance on two wheels. Kinderfeets was designed by a Dutch designer living in California. He had originally made the bike fore his son because what he wanted was not available.

The Kinderfeets bike has some key features compared to other push bikes: foot pegs for cruising, low step through frame allows for lower setting of the seat, no need to fill any tires, has a washable seat cover and has Chalk-board finish colors. The bike is available in a natural wood finish or in six different colors in Chalk-board finish. The Kinderfeets is for ages 2 and older and it can carry a maximum weight of 70 lbs. It also is also patented!

My Review:
I was given a wonderful opportunity to review a Kinderfeets bike for my little ones. I received the blue Kinderfeets bike.

The bike came in a medium sized box and surprisingly, it was pretty light. I thought that maybe it would have been a bit heavy because the bike is made of wood. I would have to say this is the first wooden product that I have ever had that wasn't weighing like a ton of bricks, lol. Now, assembling the bike is a breeze. There are a few screws that need to be put in, but that's simple. 

Once the bike is assembled, it should look like the pictures above. I've also taken some pictures of the tires, foot pegs, the seat of the bike and the handle bars. The one thing I like about the bike is that there is no need to fill any tires. Amazing, isn't is? lol. It's very convenient and the kids can ride on it as soon as it's assembled. Another great feature or features about the bike would have to be the handle bars and the seat cover. The handle bars are made with a foam like material and this is great for little kids because their hands won't slip while they are riding the bike. The seat cover on the other hand can be removed and washed if it get's dirty. My youngest is still in diapers and sometimes he has leaks... So if he were to leak while he was riding the bike, I can take the seat cover off and wash it. 

Here are my kids and their friend riding on the Kinderfeets bike. Well, more like riding and acting a fool, lol. My oldest had to get in every photo I took and he thought it would be funny to mug the camera as well. Huh... Special child I tell ya, lol. The kids had a blast on the bike. I would have to say more fun than their scooter and tricycles. And you know what? For the first time ever, the kids didn't fight about who goes first and who's next. That was a shocking surprise for me because normally when my husband or I get something for the kids that they have to share, it's a war with them. They fight over who goes first, who's next, how long the other person has and so on. It's crazy sometimes, lol. But there was none of that today!

As for the bike, the kids were able to figure it out quick. They just plopped their behinds on the seat and were on a roll. I noticed they didn't used both feet at the same time to move. It was more like a walking motion while sitting. I guess this is where the training part kicks in. As for balancing, they haven't mastered that quite yet. It took them a bit to get used to the two wheeled bike since they are so used to using a bike with three wheels. Once they get the hang of it though, it'll be a whole lot easier for them.

I think the bike is great for teaching the young ones how to ride a bike. It gets them used to the leg movement like they are pedaling and also teaches them to stay balanced. It's easy to use and kids love it!

Looking for a fun way to teach you little one how to ride a bike? Check out Kinderfeets for their amazing balance bikes. They come in plain and six different colors. You can also find Kinderfeets on:


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