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About Staples:
Staples is the world's largest office supply company and is the second largest internet retailer. For 26 years, Staples has served the needs of many business customers and its vision is to provide every business with products they need to succeed. Even though its a world-class retail, online and has online delivery capabilities, Staples offers office supplies, technology products and services, facilities and break room supplies, furniture, copy and print services and a wide range of many other product categories. This company is headquarted outside of Boston and it's operates throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

My Review:
I was given an amazing opportunity to review a Solo Classic Collection Laptop Backpack, Black, 16" ($64.99) from Staples.

Backpack Features:
  • Removable padded sleeve protects laptops up to 16"
  • CheckFast™ sleeve design allows you to pass through airport security faster
  • MP3 pocket with pass through headphone port
  • Interior organizer section
  • File pocket 
  • Side accessory pockets
  • Padded carry handle 
  • Padded backpack straps provide extreme comfort
  • Polyester body 

As you can see in the picture above, this backpack has a lot of pockets to it. I mean a lot! Seeing it online is one thing, but seeing it in person is another. Out of all the backpacks I've had throughout my life, I have never seen one like this before. Don't judge me, ok! Lol. It's different for me because normally when I get a backpack, it's something simple. This on the other hand is a lot different and I like it. You have many pockets to store your folders, pens, cell phone, MP3 player, books and even your laptop.

Inside the last pocket of the backpack, there is a padded sleeve that can be removed. This is what holds the laptop and keeps it safe from being damaged. It's one of my favorite features because I know that when I go somewhere with this bag, my computer is safe. Well, not unless one of the kids decide to be little butt heads and step on the bag. They tend to do that a lot with my stuff and it irritates me, lol. But, kids will be kids. Anyways, I think the laptop will be protected regardless.

I know later on when I go back to school or when my husband does (again), this bag will definitely come in handy. I just can't believe how much this bag can hold! I stuffed a few books in there earlier along with some notebooks, the laptop and folders that my son had from school and surprisingly, everything fit in there quite nice. There was even some room left to stash a few more items in there. Another thing I have noticed about the backpack is the quality. The material is pretty durable and it won't tear as easy compared to other backpacks. I'm so used to the flimsy bags you get for real cheap and when you take a look at the flimsy backpack compared to this, this Solo backpack looks top notch! Everything about the bag is quite nice and I can't wait to use it when the occasion calls for it!

Here is an item I did not expect to get in the mail. This right here came in the mail before the backpack did and I was wondering what the heck this thing was. It's an Easy Button ($5.99). I've seen the commercials with the easy button and whenever someone pressed it, office supplies started falling from the ceiling, lol. Well, it doesn't work that way with this easy button. To be honest, I was skeptical about pressing the button cause I didn't know how it works or what it would do. I had to look online and see what this thing did. I found out that this button is used in offices or at home and it's almost like a stress relieving item.

So let's say your having a hard day at the office and your jam packed with paperwork that needs to be done, your phone is ringing every 5 minutes and you have a meeting. Well, take a breath, press the easy button, smile and then relax. It's basically a stress button that says one line only, "That was easy". It's great to calm your nerves, but it's also annoying when you have 3 kids pressing the button a gazillion times, lol. I'm surprised the kids haven't killed the battery yet from pressing that button so darn much. It's a nice thing to have, but make sure the kids don't get a hold of it because they will drive you nuts, lol. 

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Full disclosure: provided me with these products for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of backpacks online.


  1. Thanks so much! Awesome review! I know what ill be buying my kids this year!

    1. You are very welcome! This is a great backpack and your kids will love it.