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Look like a Stud in just 5 minutes with Just for Men's Mustache and Bread kit #FacialHairChamp / Review

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Attention men out there! Are you looking to get rid of those unwanted gray hairs on your beard and/or mustache? Well, there is a solution to that and it takes just 5 minutes to turn yourself from old and gray to a younger looking stud. Yes, I said stud, lol. I was given an awesome opportunity to review the Just for Men Mustache and Beard collection from the Smiley360 blogger program.

Smiley360 sent me 10 shades of the Just for Men Mustache and Beard dyes, 1 mustache keychain, 12 mustache cups and 48 mustache magnets. The colors included in the set are: Dark Blond / Lightest Brown, Light Brown, Real Black, Light-Medium Brown, Jet Black, Dark Brown, Medium-Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Darkest Brown, Sandy Blond.

Each kit comes with a few items such as: 1 pair of gloves, a plastic mixing tray, application brush, natural color developer and hair color. Now before I begin, this kit was not used on me, lol. My husband didn't want to grow out his facial hair for the review, but I did get my father-in-law to help me out. He was a bit iffy on this whole thing because he's never dyed his hair or facial hair before. Once everything was completed, he was happy with the results. But, before I go on more about that, let's begin with how to apply and so on.

Once you have the kit opened and your ready to begin, apply the gloves. You do not want to mix the gels together without the gloves because it could stain your fingers. When you get the gloves on, squeeze the developer on one side of the plastic tray and on the other side, add the color. You can use the whole thing, or just a small amount. Depending on how much hair you have on your face. Now, take the end of the application brush and use that to mix everything together. It doesn't take very long for everything to get mixed. Once everything is mixes, you can clean the excess mixture on end of the brush with a paper towel if you want. I did this so I didn't get it anywhere else. 

Here are some images of the before, during and after. If you notice in the before picture, Bill has a lot of gray facial hair. Applying the Just for Men is the easiest thing to do compared to regular hair dye, lol. All you do is brush it on and let it sit for 5 minutes and your done. At first when it goes on, you just see the color of the mixture and than within minutes the color changes. Bill was feeling a bit scared after I applied the dye because he didn't know if it would come out right. After the dye sits, it needs to be rinsed and than you clean the face with shampoo. They recommend that you use shampoo instead of your daily face soap.

And presto! You have completed the worlds simplest facial hair dye. Bill was shocked after he seen the finished looked and it took him a while to get over the fact that there was some dark hair and no more grays, lol. He was telling me that he hasn't seen his hair like this in a very long time. To be honest, it makes him look a lot younger than before. It's been a week and a half since I last dyed his facial hair and he's already talking about getting some more and having his mustache and beard done every two weeks. He's gotten over the shock and he says his friends have also noticed the difference as well.

Looking to get rid of those unwanted gray hairs? Check out Just for Men and see their wide selection of Mustache and Beard kits. There is a color for everyone! You can also find Just for Men on:


I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smiley360 here!#FacialHairChamp


  1. this would be nice to have for husband,


  2. This product really made Bill's beard looks great after use. I will have to tell my brother in law about this product and see if he would like to use it to cover up the grey on his beard. I think it made Bill look younger! I bet he liked his new color-it is subtle and natural looking.

    1. After doing the review, Bill started using the Just for men months after. He liked it a lot, but than he stopped using it because it was irritating his skin and it ended up having red skin for a few days...