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AeroGarden ULTRA Review / Save BIG on Black Friday!

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Summer has come and gone and now winter is here. The thing that bums me out about winter is that I am not able to have a garden because of the cold weather. The weather here in Wisconsin is just getting colder and colder each day. It's still November and were already getting below 5 over here! For a while now I have been looking for something that allows me to grow herbs and vegetables in the house, but I didn't know where to start. There are so many products out there and with my busy schedule, it was hard to choose something that would work around all of that. I came across AeroGarden, read about their products and knew right away that this is the perfect product! I was given a wonderful opportunity to review the AerpGarden Ultra.


The AeroGarder Ultra is a simple, high-tech and high output indoor garden that allows you to grow your own herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and much more. It makes cooking with fresh ingredients easier and more rewarding than ever. The AeroGarden Ultra harnesses NASA-proven technologies, including advanced hydroponics that allow the plants to grow up to 10 times faster than the plants you grow in soil.

Here are some highlights on the product:

  • Amazing Variety: Choose from more than 70 varieties of pre-seeded lettuce, herbs, flowers and veggies. 
  • High Output, NASA-proven: Dirt-free (no mess) growing technology scientifically proven to grow plants 
  • Super Simple: Fully automated growing system with add nutrient and water reminders
  • Sunshine Included: Full spectrum, energy efficient grow light system adjusts as plants grow
  • MyGarden Control Panel: Automatically runs all growing functions – you can make it simple with the push 
  • Quick Plant: Walks you step by step through planting
  • Onboard Garden Coach: Provides timely tips to maximize harvests 
  • Easy Assembly: Takes less than three minutes without tools 

Here I am showing you what the AeroGarden looks like piece by piece. As you can see, we have the base which holds the pods as well as the water for the plants. Than there is the rod which also extends when the plants get bigger in the garden. Last but not least, the lid. The lid takes 3 florescent lights and this is what the plants are using as sun to grow. They are energy efficient, so no worries about your electric bill going up the wazoo, lol.

Along with the AeroGarden, they included the Seed Pod Kit. The Gourmet herb kit comes with 7 seeded pods, instructions, plant food and plastic covers to go over the pods when they are planted.

The herbs that come with the kit are: Parsley, Genovese Basil, Mint, Cilantro, Dill, Thai Basil and Chives. Each pod also tells you how long each herb usually takes to start sprouting.

This is what the AeroGarden looks like when it's assembled and plugged in. Originally, I was going to place the garden on my counter top, but there would have been no room. The cabinets are to low and there isn't much space. I thought about putting a table in the kitchen and have the garden there, but that would have taken up a lot of room. So, I decided to put it in the living room instead. I think it looks better in the living room anyways. 

Before you begin planting, read the instructions. You have to make sure that you do everything the correct way in order for your plants to grow successfully. The first thing you do is add the water and plant food into the base of the garden. The plant food will tell you how much is needed for the amount of pods being used. I decided to have all 7 of the pods, so I added 8 ml of plant food. As for the water, there is a fill line in there. Make sure you don't go passed this marker when you are adding the water.

When I finished adding the water and the plant food to the base, I put the pods into the holes located on the top of the base. When it comes to planting herbs, vegetables, or even flowers into the base, make sure that the tall plants are in the back and the shorter plants are in front. You don't want the tall plants to over crowd the small ones. Once you have the pods in place, add the plastic covers on each of the pods. This is part of the germination mode. Germination mode is a critical step to bringing life to your seeds. Because these seeds are being grown indoors rather than outside, keeping them covered while they are in this mode locks in the moisture, oxygen and the temperature they need.

On the pin pad, I have it set on the herb setting, so the Aerogarden knows what I've planted. With the herbs, it's take about two weeks before the germination mode is complete. I also set the timer for the lights as well. With the herbs, the lights have to be on 17 hours of the day. At 6 am, the lights go on and than at 11 pm, they shut off. It sounds like a long period of time, but that's the amount of light needed for the plants.

As you can see here, it's been 2 days since the pods have been planted and the Thai Basil is sprouting. I'm amazed at how fast it's growing! On the label it says that it takes 4-7 days, but it's coming along nicely on the second day.

Day three and look at the progress! Not only is the Thai Basil sprouting nicely, but the Genovese Basil is coming along as well. I love watching the plants sprout. It's fascinating to see how they start off as seeds and than grow into these beautiful plants. My youngest checks on the garden ever few hours just to see how they are going.

Today is day 4 and look at the beauty's. The Thai Basil has found it's way to the light and is peaking out of the hole. The Genovese Basil is getting there as well. I'd say the Genovese Basil will be peaking through in about 2 to 3 days. As for the Chives, they are beginning to sprout. I'm so excited! I can't wait to have my herb garden just blooming. My husband is still shocked with how fast the plants are growing. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the AeroGarden Ultra does all the watering and lighting. It makes it a lot easier when you have a busy schedule and the only time you have to really do anything is when an alarm goes off saying there needs to be more water and plant food. And of course adjust the lights when the plants get bigger. I am very satisfied with the AeroGarden!

Looking to grow your own indoor garden all year round? Check out the AeroGarden Ultra: MSRP is $250 and it is available at,, and other nationwide retailers. On Black Friday, the AeroGarden is going to go down in price from $250 to $150! So get it while you can. You can also find AeroGarden on:

Disclaimer: Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed. 

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