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Recap and review on the #ElectroluxLive cookoff

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For those of you that don't know or haven't heard of Electrolux, they have been doing business since 1919. They are the global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional uses. They have sold more that 50 million products to customers in 150 markets each year! Wow! They have appliances for the laundry room, the kitchen and they even have vacuums. To be quite honest, I never knew who Electrolux was until I was accepted for this event on Influenster. I'm so used to Maytag, Kitchen Aid and whatever else there is. From what I've seen, Electrolux looks like a top-notch brand.

When it comes to the kitchen, not only does the appearance of your appliances matter, but the quality as well. But if I had to choose one or the other, I'd have to choose quality over appearance. You know how many appliances there are out there that look good but work for crap? Tons! I don't mean to sound like I'm bashing any companies or their products, but it's the truth. I've seen people buy all kinds of things because of the products appeal and the moment they try it, it doesn't do what they expect it to do. I sound over dramatic, don't I? Lol. That's just the way I see it.

Now as for this event, Electrolux and Influenster teamed together to share with everyone the Elextrolux Induction cooktop. For anyone who has missed the event, I will include a video giving a recap of what happened. The cookoff was like watching Iron Chef but with cooktops. That's the best way I can describe it, lol.

The challenge was to make Pan Roasted Cauliflower (recipe here) and see which recipe came out the best. Each chef cooked on a different cooktop to show everyone the difference in the food after it's been cooked. The cooktops being used were gas, electric and induction.

After the cookoff, the host of the show had us vote on which dish looked the best. Honestly, I went with the induction over the gas and electric. The gas cooktop dish looks bland and tasteless. There seems to be nothing there and it's not tasty looking. As for the electric cooktop dish.... Don't even bother asking, lol. It looks wilted, burnt and it looks like it sat to long in the pan. The Induction cooktop, well, that's a whole other story. That dish looks so mouthwatering and delicious. I could eat the whole thing if I wanted to, lol.

Look at that cauliflower dish! Oh my gosh does that look amazing! I want to make this dish but after seeing how it turned out on a gas stove, I think I'll wait. You know, after seeing this cookoff, I always thought the gas stove was the best type of stove to have over the electric. I've had an electric stove in the past and I hated it. It took forever to heat up and than when I was done cooking, the darn thing took even longer to cool. They are a fire hazard to me especially when it comes to kids because the coils take a while to cool and if they were to put something on the stove... Well, you know what will happen. I am a very paranoid person when it comes to the stove.

My kids have almost started a fire a couple times because they stuck things in the oven that was not supposed to be there and than my husband and I didn't find out till we smelled something burning. Now we have to make sure there is nothing in the oven before we turn it on. Oh the joys of kids, lol. Anyways, a gas stove works a lot better than the electric stove. We all know how a gas stove is and that is one stove that is preferred over the electric. Well it's a preferred stove or cooktop till you get an Induction cooktop. An Induction cooktop beats the electric and gas cooktop 100%. I'm not just saying that either, lol. I've seen it in action when Electrolux did their live cookoff on

The thing I love about the Induction cooktop is that not only does it cook your food to restaurant quality, but it's safe and efficient. If you were to spill something while cooking, you can take a rag and clean it up in a breeze. The stove top does not heat up so you can touch it with your bare hand! Yes, you can touch the stove top with your hands and not get burned. Just don't try touching the pan because you might though, lol. It adjusts to any pan size unlike the gas and electric stove. And the best part about the Induction is that it can boil water in 90 seconds! That is quicker than any other stove out there. Yes, the Induction is amazing in so many ways. Here's a video giving you a recap on the #ElectroluxLive cookoff.

To learn more about the Electrolux Induction cooktop, check it out here. You can also find Electrolux on:

Disclaimer: I was not compinsated in any way for this post. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed. 

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