Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My New Years Resolutions

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It's New Years Eve! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by... So I've been thinking about a few things and I've finally came up with a few resolutions that I want to start in the new year. We all know that the resolutions that we make don't always work out, but here are a few things that I plan on changing and of course following through.

First: Blogging! I've been behind on blogging lately and honestly, I feel bad. There are a LOT of companies that are waiting for me to complete a review/giveaway and it hasn't been posted yet. Yes, I know it's been quite a while since I've had the product and the review should have been posted by now. It's just with the holidays and my family, it's been pretty hectic. I'm still trying to adjust to everything, but it's seems that the moment we have everything planned out and taken care of, something always comes up...

It's been a rough road for my husband and I and we're doing the best we can to take care of what needs to be done. Don't worry, our marriage it doing great. It's just that we're struggling financially and it's making it very stressful. My health has also been a set back. A few months ago I had surgery to get an ovarian cyst removed. The good thing though was that it didn't rupture and it wasn't cancerous, so that was a plus. But all the pain I've been experiencing for years is caused by something else and the doctors don't know what it is. So who knows what's going on...

I've thought hard about my blogging and honestly, there have been times where I just wanted to give up. I wanted to just close everything off and be done! It's a pain sometimes to manage and with all the stress at home and at work. But you know what, I'm not going to give up. I've came very far and it wouldn't have happened without the support of my readers. You guys are what makes me want to keep going and to continue what I am doing. So here is my resolution for the New Year: I plan on getting a blog post up every day to every other day. Honestly, It's going to be hard for me, but I'll manage and do the best I can to blog daily. But if you happen to notice a couple to a few days where I don't post, it's because something has come up.

Second: Lose Weight and Eat Healthy! This is one of my struggles that I've had for a long time. Losing weight is a pain and it's so hard to keep up with. I've tried Nutrisystem earlier in the year and it was going quite well. I lost about 25 to 30lbs, but after that I didn't lose anymore. It all came to a halt and it did tick me off. Then my heath started going downhill with the cyst and whenever I began menstruating, I ended up losing so much weight, but gained it back. It's been quite a battle with my body, but I do wan't to be healthier. So lose weight and eat healthier is my second goal.

Third: Quit Smoking! Now this resolution right here is going to be my biggest challenge! I've been smoking for 10 years now and it's so fricken hard to quit! My husband quit a year ago and he hasn't touched a cigarette since than. He's constantly telling me that I should quite and that it's not that hard. Uh, yeah it is! I'm so addicted that without a cigarette, I become the ULTRA B*TCH! Yes, it gets that bad...

My husband hates seeing or being around me when I don't have a smoke because I am a very unpleasant person. It sounds like I'm over exaggerating, but that's just how I get. I'm just a hot mess when I don't have a smoke and honestly, I need to quit. My addiction to cigs have gone to far and smoking is another cause for my health being so crappy. I've quite once before where it was for 6 months, but I don't know if I can do it again. I want to be there for my kids for a long as I can, but if I keep this up, it won't be so long.

I've got to quit, I've got to fight this addiction. It's just so hard to do... Just taking about this subject makes me want to smoke... Ugh... I have to quite! Like I said, this is going to be the hardest of the three resolutions and I will try my hardest to accomplish this! I was also thinking of doing a little quite smoking journey blog post type of thing to explain what I'll be feeling, how my body feels and so on. Would that be something you would want to see? It's basically going to be my battle against smoking and my struggles, highlights and whatever else there may be. Maybe it'll help others that are trying to quite and they'll know what to expect. You know what, I'll do it! I might do a weekly post on my smokeless journey and see what happens from there =)

So yeah, those are my plans for the New Year! What are your New Year Resolutions?

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