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No need to search for your keys or cards again! CatchyClips Review

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We all know how much a pain in the tush it can be when we need something from our bag and we just can't find it. It's happened to me plenty of times and it still does.What annoys me the most is when we come back from somewhere, it's raining and we end up standing outside for a while because why? I can't find my keys! Yes, it happens and I know there are plenty of women out there that go through the same thing, lol. It's easier for men to find what they need because they throw everything in their pockets and they are good to go. I was given an opportunity to review the CatchyClips to help me organize my purse a bit.

The CatchyClip helps you organize your keys and cards. It's versatile so it can be used on your purse, backpack or briefcase. 

The clip also comes with some dividers so when you are using it for your cards, you can easily separate them. You can separate your gift cards from credit cards easily. Or you can use them to separate your keys as well. 

Here is the purse that I use when I am going out. I cleaned it out so you can see the clip in action, lol. The clip easily attaches to any part of the purse or bag that you are using. I prefer keeping in on one of the pockets inside the purse. I guess the pocket seems more secure than just placing in on the fabric of the bag because the clip has more of a grip. It also makes it a lot easier to find as well. Once the clip in in place, your pretty much set. 

There really isn't much to it! The only real work that you have to do is punch some holes on the corner of your cards so they can attach to the clip, or maybe separate your keys with the dividers. That's pretty much it. The card holder that came with the CatchyClip was switched with a regular key ring though. I don't feel it's safe to have keys on a card holder because there is a chance of them falling off from the weight. The weight of the keys could easily loosen the holder and they'll end up getting all over the place. 

Now, there is one things I forgot to mention about the CatchyClip and this feature is key to the clip. The clip separates making it a heck of a lot easier when it comes to grabbing what you need whether it's your keys or cards. The clasp and the clip have a magnet and that's what holds the CatchyClip in place. All you have to do is grab your keys out of your bag, use them and than pop them back onto the clasp. It's that easy! Like I said, there isn't much to the clip. It makes finding your keys or whatever else it may be easier than ever!

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  1. Thank you for the great review. I had never heard of Catchyclips until now. Being a mom, it's extremely important for me to stay organized and Catchyclips def. make that possible. I love that you demonstrated on a purse, something all moms use so I can see exactly how it works.