Thursday, January 30, 2014

Personalize your computer or accessories with KiDECALS - Review

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I have a sticker addiction! Yes, I admit it, lol. I've always loved stickers even when I was a wee little one. Something about them makes your personal items just stand out more. It adds pizzazz and oomph to your things. I was given a wonderful opportunity from KiDECALS to review their fabulous stickers.

I received the Scary Mommy MINE stickers and the Green Game Bot Keycals. One thing I wanted to mention about the keycals is that they work best with a Mac (Apple) keyboard. You can use them on a regular keyboard as well like I did, but not all of the stickers will fit because of size and layout of the keyboard. Mac keyboards are much smaller and have fewer keys than a regular laptop.

Here is an image of my computer before the stickers and of course after. Like I mentioned before, not all the stickers would have worked. Honestly, I don't mind the keyboard this way. It's different! It did take a bit to get used to the letters on the keyboard though because some of the lettering on the stickers look similar to one another. My oldest needs help sometimes when he's using the computer because he can't find the letter he needs, lol. 

The thing that surprises me the most about the keycals is how well they stay in place. I thought maybe after a while the stickers would begin to loose their adhesive and come off, but it hasn't happened. I've cleaned my keyboard many times with my computer cleaner and they are still in great shape. Well, they are waterproof, so that could be one of the reasons why they don't come off, lol. Hey, I'm going based off experience and the whole review process, lol. The keycals are great and I honestly enjoy having them on my computer even though it's not a Mac.

As for the other stickers, I haven't used those yet. I tend to buy things like food that only I eat and I know the kids won't touch. Being a parent, it becomes a pain when it comes to personal belongings or foods you enjoy because the kids want everything you have or eat. It never fails, lol. My youngest is sometimes a pain because he wants to go after everything I have. But, I know that there will be a day when I will end up using one of the Scary Mommy stickers. 

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Disclaimer: Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed.  


  1. I think this is very useful for the kids, helps them identify the keys better, and can be so useful when learning the keys.

    1. It can be useful, but it also depends on the design you choose as well. I chose a design that made it a bit harder to tell what key was what on the keyboard. But it's still a great product!