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The Monster on Top of the Bed Book Review #monbed

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Today, books come in all forms. You can read them on the computer, phone, tablet and of course, as a paperback or hardcover. I'm always looking for a good read not only for myself, but for my kids as well. You should see how many books my kids have... Well over 200! But, that's not going to stop me from getting the kids more, lol. One book my kids and I recently reviewed is "The Monster on Top of the Bed". 

My youngest is afraid of the dark and he's constantly talking about a monster either being in his room or under his bed. I don't know how many times my husband and I have told him that there is no need to worry and the monster is afraid and won't come out. But, for some reason George has it in his head that the monster is going to come after him... Well, I remember being the same way when I was a kid. I had a dream about some "thing" being under the bed and it snatched me up and I was never seen again. Yeah... it scared the life out of me and when it was time for bed, I'd hit the light switch and literally run to my bed so nothing would catch me! 

With George, it's gotten to the point where the kids needs a night light, the hallway or the bathroom light on and the bedroom across from his room closed. It's hectic... But, it's not as bad as before. At least now we can turn the lights off when he's alseep and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he's not screaming about it being to dark. We do keep the night light on though for him. Plus, he isn't staying up as late as he was before! To be quite honest, I would have to say that The Monster on Top of the Bed book helped him sleep a bit better at night.

I downloaded the book to the Kindle Fire app on my phone and read it out loud to the kids. The kids were quite amused by the book. It's about a little monster name Karrit that's afraid of the little girl, Suzy. Of course at first Suzi was scared of Karrit when he popped out from under her bed, but when he explained that he wanted to be her friend, things changed.

It was cute when Karrit had explained why he was scared of the girl. The things she did put fear in the little guy. He didn't like it when Suzy jumped on the bed because he thought he was going to get squished. The foods she ate sounded terrifying and horrendous! He thought pancakes were made out cakes made out of pans, hot dogs made with dogs and tomatoes were the toes of toemay. Suzy showed the little guy what she was eating and he wasn't scared anymore. The two of them had learned so much about one another and they then realized that they didn't have to be scared anymore. They both became best friends and they weren't scared of "monsters" anymore!

One thing I wanted to also mention about the book, when your reading it in the e-book format, you can activate this pop up. It helps out a lot if your reading the book on your phone! All you have to di is double click on the text and the text is enlarged in a bubble. It came in handy when I was reading to the kids because the text was a bit small. If you activated the feature but want to turn it off, just double click again and the books is in it's original format. 

The Monster on Top of the Bed also comes in 3 different formats

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    1. It is a great book and my kids can't seem to get enough of it!

  2. This is a great book to read who have similar fears of monsters

  3. What a really good book to help kids with their fear of the dark at night because they believe their are monsters. I know when I was a kid, I was afraid of monsters, and when I was in bed, I would not let my foot or arm hang off the bed because I thought a monster would eat it. I have to say that my son and daughter never had problems with sleeping at night. But this book is so good in helping a child not be afraid of the dark and scared of monsters anymore. I am glad your that your son is going better.

    1. He is doing a lot better and he loves it when I read this book to him. Whenever he gets scared at night, I mention this book to him and he feels a lot better. It's cute that they flipped the things around in the story and the monster was afraid of the girl rather than it being the other way.

  4. Awesome that this cute book comes in three different formats, I like the ebook best cause you can activate the pop up, very neat, my kids would love this fun book, love the illustrations.

    1. It is a very cute book and I'm sure your kids will enjoy it just as mine do.

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