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Lies you tell yourself about organizing

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Lies you tell yourself about organizing 

If you have problems organizing your home, you probably say yourself some lies and keeping some misconceptions, which doesn't help you, but make you think you can't change. Here I am going to reveal some of the most common lies you tend to tell yourself about organizing, which stops you from changing. After reading this article you will be able to distinguish lies and deceptions from true facts

One of the most common deceptions and lies people say themselves, is that they aren't organized and don't know how to put order into their home by themselves. The truth is that organizing your rooms doesn't require special knowledge. Everybody has some system when ordering his/her possessions, which can work.

Most people believe that they can tidy and organize their rooms by going to the store and buying a lot of differently sized boxes and bins. This is an illusion, of course. Before you buy such things, you need to know what kind and how many of each item you have. You should gather similar things together and decide where to put them. You need to get your house rid of the unnecessary things and clutter too, before buying boxes and bins.

Most people tell themselves the lies that they don't need a clear space to start with organizing their home. The truth is the opposite. You really need to de-clutter and free more space before you become more tidy and organized.

Another lie we usually tell ourselves is we can't throw or give away things, that were given as a present to us. According to the organizing consultants people experience the same difficulty to get rid of the free stuff they have, when letting go expensive things. And presents have greater value. But if you don't use an item or don't like it, it's better for your home to throw, donate or give it away. After all, every item has an expiration date.

Other lies you tell yourself about organizing, are the beliefs you will need a whole weekend to put order into your home. It is not a good decision to try to clean, tidy and organize your entire house. You will need more time and can easily start to dislike this activity. So begin with one room and accelerate slowly and gradually.

Another mistake you can make when starting to organize your things is the belief that you should tidy all things to perfection. Paper clutter is considered the most annoying. You won't have to organize your documents by color, date or type. It isn't necessary. What you need to do is tidy them in such a way, that they will be easy to be found when needed.

Most people believe that there is only one proper way to organize your home. This isn't true. Consultants in organizing share that for every person works different organizing system. Apart from conventional ones, you can create your own organizing systems, which suit your needs.

When you are faced with a lot of cleaning and tidying work you need to do in your home, you have to do it step by step. Encourage yourself and be grateful for even the little job you accomplish. Cleaning, tidying and organizing your stuff isn't as difficult as it may seem. It takes time and efforts, but it depends on everyone's abilities. Before you start doing these activities, you have to clarify yourself the effect you want to achieve - the way you want your things to be arranged. Start your organizing with cleaning and it may be easier. The clutter and things you don't use you can always donate, sell in a garage sell or give away to someone, who needs them.

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