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Here are some tips for decorating with a Roommate

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Tips for Decorating with a Roommate 

Sharing an apartment with another person can be quite a challenge, especially when you decide to decorate the place together. Oh. Needless to say, you and your roommate may not totally agree with each other's vision about beauty. It's one thing to get along with each other, it's another thing to have the same taste in decorating. Chances are you won't share each other's vision about the design elements you want to focus on. And before you start quarreling, here is the thing: furnishing your apartment doesn't have to be tough. With a few steps and compromises you can achieve design harmony with ease. Here are a few things to start with.

Talk about it 

Start by having a discussion with your roommate about your furnishing and design ideas. Let each other share his or her personal preferences and priorities. What parts of your shared home don't you like? What changes do you want to make and where? How much will the project cost? Are you two able to cover all the expenses? Are you going to consult with a qualified specialist or are you doing everything by yourselves? Is your apartment furbished or are you starting from scratch?

If you can't decide on the decor, you can ask friends for help or make research on Google. It always helps. It's important to think of items that can be combined with your roommate's possessions, and vice versa. Remember: you two are living together and none of you can have the final say. You need to make a decision t o g e t h e r. And that brings up the second point.

Make Compromises

A good roommate relationship, like any other relationship, is based on understanding your partner and making compromises. It's impossible to agree completely on everything you ever discuss. No matter if you are soul mates or besties, there will always be challenges when it comes to making decisions together.

At some point, you will have to make a compromise. Whether with the colors of the walls or the position of the kitchen cabinet. It's crucial to remain calm, think it over and make the best decision. Let your roommate pick the colors for the living areas while you decide what furnishing to include in your shared home. If you don't like your roommate's choice of shelves and he/she isn't very fond of your bedroom carpet, assume it's a fair trade and move on to the next design idea.

Or how about going shopping? If it's hard to live with your roommate's old coffee table, which doesn't suit your shared apartment at all, perhaps you can consider buying a new one. Respectively, if you own something that you're not very fond of, don't stick to it just because it's yours. Feel free to let go of it and encourage your roommate to dispose of any belongings he/she doesn't really care about.

Additionally, make sure you don't end up having a couple of couches and extra televisions just because neither of you is willing to let go of his/her possessions. After all, who needs two coffeemakers or an overabundance of cleaning materials and supplies, towels, pans, dish washing liquids, side tables, bedside lamps, cooking tools, etc. when living in a small apartment? The secret to decorating with your roommate is compromise. It's best to avoid fighting.

Or Go for This One 

If compromising doesn't help, here is what: divide your shared home into sections and let each one of you take ownership over them. That sounds like a fair trade too. In that sense, you may decide on the design of the bathroom, whereas you can let your roommate decorate the kitchen if he/she is so frantic about kitchen decor.

Shop Wise

And finally, no matter if you want to tighten or loosen the purse strings, you need to be careful when shopping. Always consider the available space. You don't want to buy a sectional if you can barely accommodate a side table and a small couch in the living room. Always think twice and always decide together to avoid future quarrels (e.g. “I told you we should have had that gas oven instead of a microwave. You should have listened to me!” That kind of stuff.)

No matter what you choose to do, just remember: it's achievable.

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  1. This applies to married couples too. Hubby and I's tastes vary quite a bit. In addition, he is somewhat messy. We had, at one time, even talked about having separate residences.

    1. Oh jeeze, lol. I know how that is though and you know what, kids aren't any better. I told my husband that him and I should move to our own place and leave the kids in another because they are constantly messing up every room in the house, lol. I mean, we clean on a constant and it always looks like nothing was ever done...