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Glamour Dolls Makeup Review // 10% Discount Code

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Glamour Dolls is making a statement with their adorable makeup that's super affordable! Not only that, but another great thing about Glamour Dolls is that their makeup is Cruelty-Free! That means none of their products were tested on animals what so ever. To be honest, I find that companies who don't test their products on animals are the ones to trust. I remember doing a project on animal cruelty, ended up learning about companies using animals as test subjects and some of the things I read was so heart breaking... But, let's not go into that right now.... I don't want to get to emotional while typing my review.

Now, as I was saying, Glamour Dolls makeup is cruelty-free, affordable and adorable.

You can see right here that I received quite a few different styles of makeup for review. I'll start off by showing you what I received and what my thoughts are on them.
Lashlights - $4.99 / Color: Blackest Black

Details: Glamour Doll's Mascara leaves your lashes looking full & fab without the clump. Featuring a built in mirror for on the go glam.

My thoughts: Mascara is something I tend to wear once in a while. It usually depends on what type of mood I am in and if I feel like throwing something on my eyes to make them stand out more. I've used quite a few different brands and so far, I like quite a few of them. With the Glamour Dolls mascara, I can say that it's one that I prefer. It's more of a natural glam and to me that's something I like. Big and bold is sometimes good, but not something I'd want all the time. 

This mascara is light and it adds some extra volume to your lashes. Plus it's in black and that's my favorite makeup color to wear. Well, let me rephrase that here. I enjoy wearing black mascara and eyeliner. I don't think black eye shadow and lipstick would look so good on me, lol. I used to wear my makeup like that in high school, but that's when I was full blown Gothic! Those were the dark days in my life... But as for the mascara, I like this one a lot.
Gypsy Eyeliner - $1.99 / Color: Black and White

Details: TWO looks, in ONE pencil! Our duel-ended gypsy eyeliner is perfect for those on the go. Discover how spiritual a winged eye can be

My thoughts: Eyeliner is one of favorite pieces to have in my makeup collection. I've always been amazed with how much it brings out the eyes and makes that pop! But, it all depends on how you wear it. Some put eyeliner on the outer part of the waterline or on the inner. I prefer to put it on my inner water line. I've tried putting it on the outer and it doesn't look right on me. My eyes look smaller and it feels out of place for me. Maybe it's because I've never worn my eyeliner like that and that's why it looks so odd to me. Who knows, lol.

The one thing I love about the gypsy eyeliner would have to be the two colors in one pencil. And for the price, yeah, it's worth it. It's a great way to keep your makeup collection less cluttered and this eyeliner is perfect for your purse. The eyeliner goes on smooth and it lasts quite a while on your eyes. But, if you are putting it on your waterline, you might want to touch up every once in a while. Another thing I also like to do with the white eyeliner is add some of it to the corner of my eye. This gives the eye more of a statement look and makes the eye stand out more.
Gloss Snob - $1.99 / Color: Dollicious - Baby Doll Pink

Details: A makeup artist favorite, Gloss Snob is also referred to as a "liquid lipstick".  True and bold in color, we can promise this creamy and ultra moisturizing bad boy will be one of YOUR favorites too! 

My thoughts: To be honest, lipstick is not my thing. I mean, I do wear it, but it all depends on the color. This Gloss Snob is my first ever liquid lipstick. I like the color, but to be honest, I don't care for it a whole lot. There's nothing bad about it, it's just not my cup of tea. It is a nice color, just not something I'd wear.
Lip Gloss - $3.99 / Color: Wildflower - Peachy Red

Details: We heart this lip gloss! Our long lasting formula provides a buildable coverage with a semi-matte finish and oh so moisturizing texture

My thoughts: I love, love, looooooove lip gloss! I've been a fan of lip gloss since I was a teen. Especially lip gloss like this with the stick and the cotton tip. I've always preferred lip gloss over lipstick because how smooth it feels on the lips and it makes them shiny. Not only that, but they feel light on your lips compared to something like the liquid lipstick. The Wildflower color is a very nice color. It's not to bold and it's perfect for a natural but a light makeup look.
Lip Gloss / Color: Superficial - Sheer Pink

My thoughts: So I already mention how much I love lip gloss, so I don't need to repeat myself here. Um... this is another one of the lip glosses that I received and I am digging this one a lot! I mean, I do like the Wildflower lip gloss as well, but this right here is more an everyday type of gloss for me. It's faint and you can hardly tell that it's on. Which is nice on my part because the lighter the gloss, the better. I love the natural look and this gloss blends with that naturalness so nicely.
Lip Cream - $2.99 / Color: Dolls Gone Wild - Sheer Hawt Pink

Details: Our Lip Cream's are known for their buildable color.  Popular for their creamy texture, Lip Cream glides smoothly onto your lips resulting in the perfect semi matte pout.

My thoughts: Okay, so I mentioned that I don't like lip stick, but... regular lip stick is something I would wear. It depends on which one I am using though. I've used lip sticks that made your lips feel dry and just gross and than I've worn ones that once you out them on, there was not way in heck you were getting it off. This one right here is one I wear quite often. It's light, creamy and it keeps your lips nice and moist. It doesn't dry out and I love this color a lot! I love the color pink and this lipstick is the perfect shade of pink for lipstick.
Kitty Kisses - $2.99 / Color: Fairy Tail - Clear

Details: Protect your pout with our fragrance free tinted lip balm. This waterproof formulation was specially created to KEEP your lips SOFT with a super sheer wash of color.

  • available in 5 soft shades including clear
  • SPF 15
  • lightweight
  • meow

My thoughts: This right here was is a gift for my daughter from Glamour Dolls. When I received the makeup, they left a little note saying that this was meant for her so she can be like mommy. That was very sweet of them and you know what, my daughter loves this lip balm. She walks around the house with her princess dress on, her lip balm in her hands and starts saying, "I'm a pretty princess". It's to fricken cute and she feels so glamorous when she puts on her lip gloss. Plus, I love the fact that it's clear, so if she were to smear it on her chin or above the lip, it's not noticeable, lol.  

My overall thought on Glamour Doll:
Honestly, I love Glamour Dolls makeup a lot. It's cheap and they have a lot of great products. My favorite items would have to be the mascara, eyeliner, lip glosses and the lip cream. I can't just choose one! The color selection is outstanding and they are more of my taste since a lot of the colors are light and have more of a natural appeal to them. I can definietly see myself getting more of their makeup in the future!

Head on over to Glamour Dolls and check out their adorable, yet affordable makeup. Use Promo Code: Pretty10 to get 10% off your purchase.

You can find Glamour Dolls on:

Disclaimer: Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed.


  1. Glad they don't do animal testing. I'm trying to also find organic makeup.

    slehan at juno dot com

    1. I've been noticing organic makeup is making a statement lately and you know what? That's a good thing! The makeup from glamour dolls is very cheap and they come in many adorable colors!

  2. This is not expensive makeup and the colors is what I love! I think that it is great that your daughter loved this makeup and I like that there is no animal testing.

    1. Oh she loves the clear lip balm. What little girl doesn't like dressing up, lol. And yes, it is great that they don't test on animals.

  3. Cruelty-free AND affordable. Nice! I have not heard of this company prior to your post. I will keep my eye out for them.

    1. Not many have heard about this company. But... It's one that will get noticed a lot more. Their makeup is perfect and I mean the price and the variety. They may not have a huge line like some brands, but they have just enough to make them worth looking into.

  4. I use very little makeup, mostly when I'm singing in a concert.

    1. I've always found that the less makeup you use, the better. There are people I know that tend to go way over board on their makeup...

  5. I have not tried this brand before but I like that it is cruelty free. Thanks for posting about it.

  6. This looks like great make up at a good price. I like that the mascara tube has a mirror on it.

    1. That's my favorite part of the mascara and for the price, it's worth it. I've seen other brands that are similar but they charge an arm and a leg...

  7. Their lip glosses look great! I love the colors!