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Babsy B Board Book Series Review

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Reading to your kids at an early age is very important. It not only builds that bond between you and your child, but it also helps them later on with schooling and it helps build their imagination. My oldest son is a big reader. I can honestly say that he's read every book we own. Well, children's and age appropriate books and that's well over 150 books I think. It could be more, but I haven't counted each and every one of them. We have literally have books all over the place! 

I remember when he was about 2 years old and when I read to him before bed, it ended up being 5 books and he wanted more. As for the other two, they enjoy it when I read to them, but after the first or second book their done. Recently the kids received some new books from Babsy B and I'd have to say they are quite adorable.

The book series comes with 8 books and each one of them is labeled for the age of the child.
Where Is Monkey? - Age 0+
SO BIG! - Age 0+
I Can! Can You? - Age 1+
Who Chews? - Age 1+
Whose Shoes? - Age 2+
VROOM! Honk-a! BOOM! - Age 2+
Giddy-up! Let's Go! - Age 3+
I'm 3! - Age 3+

I know my kids are older than the recommended age for these books, but that's never stopped them from wanting to read them. To be honest, when I get books for the kids, they seem a lot more excited for them than they do with toys. I guess you can say that's a good thing. And you know what, books are always more entertaining, especially when it comes to children's books. Right now, my oldest is the only one that knows how to read, so he does read to his brother and sister sometimes. Here's a video of Jordan reading a few of the Babsy B books to Jennah.

As you can see, the kids enjoy these books a lot. They even gave it two thumbs up! Jordan had asked me after the video if he could read the other books that came in the set. I tried getting George to join in, but he's a phoebe when it comes to the camera. He does not like his pictures taken nor does he care for being in any videos. Well, it depends on his mood I guess...

Now as for the books, these are great for kids of all ages. To me books are books and the kids love them. Jennah mentioned to me that she likes looking at the pictures in the books, especially the Giddy-up! Lets Go! book. She said she likes to pretend that it's her traveling around and going on the bus with grandpa. That's cute!

Oh! Before I forget, another great thing about these books is that there is also a sing-a-long tune for each one. You can find the sing-a-long tune for these books on Babsy B's YouTube channel and it's a fun way to read with the kids. It'll be like singing to a nursery rhyme and my kids loves nursery rhymes.

I haven't looked into the sing-a-long songs yet, but I know once I do, the kids are going to love it! There is also book-related activities on the book and that's another great way to interact with your kids. There's discussions, you can act out the words in the books, point out and make interesting noises and so much more! Overall, I'd have to say that these books are worth checking into!

If you are interested in learning more about Babsy B books or want to get a copy of the book series you see here in my review, head on over to Babsy B's website.

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  1. These are terrific books to read to little ones and I read to my son at an early age and took him to the library all the time. My sister is now reading books to my nephew and these books are so interesting that I know he would love these!

  2. Hi Julie. Thank you for reading to your son and visiting the library with him! And please give my similar thank-you to your sister! As a career educator whose mission is to help parents be their child's first best teacher, and on behalf of the child, I am grateful for a parent's reading aloud to a little one from birth! It prepares the child to be the best reader, writer, and lifelong learner s/he can be. Without that reading aloud from birth, a child's brain is not stimulated with all that vocabulary and knowledge of books and hearing the language and knowledge spoken. As you and your sister well know, a child who has experienced the reading aloud and talking from birth is primed to move smoothly right into the "reading to learn" stage of learning that occurs around age 7 or 8. The child who has not had these reading aloud and talking experiences those first years is at a decided disadvantage with peers, like your son and your nephew, who have had those rich oral language experiences in the home during the first years. Thank you! Thank you! and than you for sharing your experiences. ~Babsy B

  3. These look like really great books for my 3 grandsons. I like that these are board books because they are more durable and last longer and if you have one like one of my grandsons who is at the stage where he loves to rip the pages.

    1. Hi Shelly! Thank you for your comment. Yes, board books allow for multiple readings over multiple children. I just bought a stack of Bo ard books for my GrandGems never have too many books. The older one in the family is just two years old. Her favorite things, according to her teachers and as we’ve watched, have always been her books and her babies. How does the book love happen? Easy to instill that kind o' love: Her parents have read to her every day from her birth. And that reading aloud doesn't need to be a long sit-down reading time. Read my blog at for all kinds of ideas for reading aloud. Thank for your interest!

  4. Hi again, Shelly. I wanted to add that I say to toddlers that a book is fragile so I touch it gently as I read it. Those words work to promote gentle touching of all things fragile. Amazing the power of positivity!

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    1. Hi Connie. I agree, but I'm the author, so these books are 8 of my Treasured Babies! I just read two ("Where Is Monkey?" and "SO BIG!") again today to my nearly-4 mos. grandson. He's very interactive and patted at the books and actually looked left to right on the pages, "talking" as in babbling the whole time. Then his 28 mos. sister read SO BIG! to me tonight. Fun! Connie, thank you for your comment.

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    1. I agree, Edward. He would. Go to and let us know which titles he'd like. Thank you for your comment.