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Keep Hydrated with Drip Drop Review

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Keeping hydrated is the best thing you can do for your body. Many children and adults around world the are hospitalized because of dehydration. Dehydration happens when you are not getting enough fluids and from burning to many electrolytes. What are electrolytes? Electrolyse are a mineral that carry an electrical charge through your body and helps promote muscle function. As we move around, we sweat the electrolyte out and end up loosing the minerals and salts. In order to get those electrolyse back into our system, we need to drink fluids that contain it so we don't become dehydrated. 

Water is a great way to stay hydrated. Water can only do so much though since it doesn't carry electrolytes. Fruits and vegetables do carry natural electrolytes, but not everyone carries these foods with them. For an active person that constantly on the go, having a sports drink helps your body absorb the minerals it needs a lot faster. Recently I was given the opportunity to do a review on DripDrop.

What I Received:

2 boxes of DripDrop (lemon & berry flavors)
DripDrop T-Shirt
DripDrop Water Bottle
Chap stick
2 full-value DripDrop Coupons

DripDrop is basically like any other sport drink out there, except is has less sugar and has 2-3 times more electrolytes than most drinks out there. It helps promote good hydration which enables your body to absorb water more quickly into the bloodstream and promote greater fluid retention. What's great about this drink is that it's safe for kids as well. I honestly was never a fan of Gatorade and my kids didn't drink it very often. On those hot days where you know your going to sweat a river, than yes, we'd have a Gatorade. Or if we end up having the flu, than we get a few bottles to help us out so were not running to the bathroom every five seconds.

After giving DripDrop a try, I can honestly say that this is a preferred drink. For one thing, it tastes great! I enjoy the lemon flavor and the kids like the berry flavor. Second, it's great for on the go! It comes in a little pouch so you can put it in your gym bag, purse, backpack and your pocket. All you need to do is add it to your water, shake and sip. Third would have to be how well it works. I've taken the DripDrop bottle to work with me a few times, especially on those days where I knew I was going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

As usual at work, I tend to sweat like a maniac and start pounding down the fluids to prevent myself from begin dehydrated. When it comes to drinking just water, a lot of the time I feel like it's not enough. My mouth starts to feel dry after an hour or so and I end up running to the bubbler about 100 times in one day. I hate working in the front end sometimes, especially when it's 100 degrees outside because the A/C doesn't do much when people are constantly walking though the doors to leave or enter. The joys of working retail...

Anyways, on the days that I have taken the DripDrop product with me to work, I can say that it has done wonders for me. The moment I become over heated and start sweating, I take a few swigs of the drink and I feel good. I've noticed that it gives you a little more energy to do what you have to and I didn't sweat as much as I normally would if I just drank water. Another great thing about this drink, for me that is would be that it doesn't agitate my stomach like Gatorade normally does. I am sensitive to certain drinks/foods and if they contain a certain amount of sugar in them, I feel like crap for a long time. That's why water is basically the only thing I really drink. 

With DripDrop, I can say that they are honest when it comes to their ingredients because if it had more sugar that when they said is in their product, I'd know. Like I said, I am sensitive to sugar! With there being less sugar, this makes the product great for kids and they will love just as much as my kids do! 

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  1. This would be great for my oldest son who is always playing sports and working out. I like that this has less sugar. I will have to let him know about this.

  2. This drink has a lot of calories. I only drink water and I have to watch my weight. I do not drink anything with sugar in it. But my son does a lot of activity and this would be good for him to try since he loves flavored waters.

  3. I made a mistake. I see that the drinks are for 4 packets with 32 ounces of water. This is not high in calories like I thought and not much sugar then. I should have read the post better.

  4. That sounds good but I have to watch my calories. Would be good for someone a little more on the active side than I am. Great review though.

  5. This is perfect for my old mom. She doesn't get enough electrolytes, water, or even calories. I am trying my best to keep her in better shape. Especially good for her is the potassium in this.

  6. I would have loved to have this drink years ago. Love the flavors and sounds great.

  7. This would be great for my hubby. He is a delivery driver and he could keep these in his truck. It would be an easy way for him to hydrated on the go. :)