Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Geek Fuel July Mystery Box Review / Limited Edition Marvel Item

Geek Fuel is bringing out my inner nerd/geek side more and more each month. I never thought I'd be this nerdy till I started receiving their mystery boxes each month. Not that that's a bad thing! To me it's great because this is the kind of stuff I love. Even though there's a lot out there that I don't know, but Geek Fuel is opening my eyes to more geeky goodies. This month I'd have to say is a good month not only for me, but my husband as well. Here's what I received in July's Geek Fuel Mystery Box:
Geek Fuel Exclusive Game: Burnstar Downloadable Game Code & Star Candy

Details: Put your hand speed and brains to the test in this fast Paced Game where you bring Evil Inc. to it's knees.

My Thoughts: I love getting free games from Geek Fuel even though it takes me about a month or so to actually play the game... I've been preoccupied with everything else that I don't have a chance to sit down and play a game. Plus my computer seems to be slow even though I don't have a lot of junk on it. But I recently upgraded my computer from Windows 8 to Windows 10, so hopefully my games will work a lot better than before. No more lag please!

Burnstar is a game I'm looking forward to playing. After watching the game play on it, I'd have to say this is something I could definitely get into. It's a puzzle game that has a lot of action to it. When I say action, I mean you get to make things go BOOM! Nothing wrong with blowing things up. Well, it all depends on what your playing and this game looks fun.

Mini-Pint Shot Glass

Details: A giant pint for an ant-sized man, this mini glass will quench your human-sized thirst in small doses.

My Thoughts: So I would assume this shot glass is based of the Ant-Man movie, right? I haven't seen it yet so I'm not to sure what the movie is about. I don't even think I've seen a preview for it either. I'm deprived from television, lol. Well, I'd love to catch up on that newest movies and shows, but I don't have cable and as for movies, I watch whats on Netflix. So, once this movie comes out on DVD, I'll have to check it out and see what it's all about.

The box the shot glass comes in is hilarious! I love the comic theme to it and the expressions are priceless. The glass it's self has a neat picture of Ant-Man on it and I know once I see the movie, I'm sure I'll appreciate the glass a lot more. In the mean time, I'm using this for my Jack Daniels. A toast to ya!

Shiny! Button

Details: Pin thin to your blown coat, channel your inner mel, and set sail with knowledge that serenity is always at your side.

My Thoughts: My inner mel? Well, that could mean a lot of things. But from the description, maybe there telling me I need to be a detective! Oooh, I'd love to be Sherlock Holmes. I've already got a brown coat that looks like his, but I'm missing the pipe and hat. I'm sure I can find that at a thrift store or at some costume store. Or maybe I'm an anime detective like in Conan Edogawa or Shinya Kougami! Ok, I'm not sure where this is going, but this is a nice pin. More for my collection!

Aliens v.s. Vampirella Poster

Details: Worlds collide when Vampirella takes on the Xenomorphs in the upcoming comic book crossover.

My Thoughts: Have you ever heard a guy scream like a girl? I have and guess who that was? My husband! He is a die hard fan of all Aliens movies as well as Predators. He owns the movies, the statues, to books and more. Basically the same way I am when it comes to the LOTR. So... When I showed him the poster I got in this box he flipped. To bad I didn't record his reaction. I'm sure that would have been big on Vines or something like that, lol.

He said that he is a fan of the art in the poster, but, he's not sure if he wants to read the comic that's coming out though. He said that he's going to check it out when it comes out, but with a vampire being in the mix of it, he's a bit iffy I guess you can say. I wouldn't mind checking it out. I love vampires! He is looking forward to the new Aliens book that's going to be coming out soon and I know he's going to get it on it's first day of release. If he doesn't get the comic when it comes out, than I will!
Geek Fuel Exclusive: Marvel #1 Issue Civil War Comic Book

Details: Picking right back up where the last installment of the civil was left off, we are beyond excited to bring the fresh fight to your doorstep with our EXCLUSIVE variant cover of Civil War #1. Variant Cover By: Todd Nauck

My Thoughts: Yay, another limited edition comic! Wooohooooooo! For one thing, comics are always fun to read, just like anime. It's like a mini movie inside a book. I haven't read this comic yet, but will soon. Right now, I can't decide if I want to be on Captain America's side or Iron Mans... We'll just have to wait and see.
Geek Fuel Exclusive T-Shirt: Le Tour de Geek

Details: It's always fun to celebrate a friendly rivalry, whether it is on the road to the finish line or on the battlefields at the edges of your imagination. Hop aboard with Le Tour de Geek this month and pedal past your friends lame duds in our ode to the greatest bike race in the world!

My Thoughts: Geek Fuel has done it again! Another fabulous shirt and I love it! You've for Batman (Bat Brains), Link from Zelda, Turtle Shells from Super Mario and Harley Quinn. The race is on! Judging from the image, I'd have to say Batman is going to win unless he gets clobbered by Harley Quinn's giant mallet. Or maybe Link will win and he'd use his sword to slash the others tires so they can't go anywhere. Oooh, the turtles can just deflate everyone's rides and fly to the finish line! But I'm still rooting for Batman! I love Batman! And of course this shirt.

Overall, this box was pretty good. Even though I don't know anything about Ant-Man or what the pin actually means, it's still a great box. I'd have to say I'm digging the T-Shirt, the comic and the poster the most. I'm going to need to get some picture frames so I can hang the posters I received from Geek Fuel on my wall. Their just sitting in a box right now and I feel they are being neglected... Oh, and the candy that came in the Burnstar game was already devoured after I took pictures of it. Darn kids ate it on me and didn't share. Thanks kids!

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  1. I am going to have to show this blog post to my son and see what he thinks about the games. He plays a lot of games on his computer. He really loves Minecraft right now. This Geek box looks like a lot of fun! I like the mini pint shot glass. But I am no good at playing video games!

    1. The games they add in each box are surprisingly great. I love computer games! The shot glass is a great item in the box. I haven't decided if I want to use it for my Jack Daniels or put it on display, lol.

  2. Great Geek Box, my son is into most of these things, he would love it.

    1. It is a great box Edward and each month they throw in something worth waiting for!

  3. very interesting,my older grandson would love this for his inner geek

    1. It's definitely the perfect box for the inner nerd/geek!