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Hey you! How we gonna tame you down? Part II

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Hey you! How we gonna tame
you down? Part II
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Last month, we explored your child’s need for repetition of
naming words for all those wild-and-outta-control
things, or nouns.

We addressed how a call-and-response game, such as
“I Spy,” helps you model naming words so that
your baby, toddler, or any age pre-verbal or ELL
child can learn to imitate your talk.

Your comments confirmed the importance of modeling
oral language to share knowledge of the world
with your child!

This month, we’ll listen to a few more of your
child’s thoughts about those developing language needs.

Then we’ll translate those needs into easy, fun, interactive, and FREE games
you can play anywhere,
whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

I like it when you say a
word again and again.
It gives me time to use my “lookers” & “tasters” & “touchers” while my “listeners” are hearing
you talk. I like that!

YOU: So you want me to say its name repeatedly while you’re exploring an object?

Yeah. You’re doing it right when
you see me keep my “lookers” & “tasters” & “touchers” on that thing.
And sometimes I turn my “lookers” at you. I need to find out how your mouth and face look when you say that word.

YOU: Okay! I’ll be watching for those cues from you, then.

Wait! I need to tell you what I don’t like!
I don’t like it when we move before my 
“lookers” & “tasters” & “touchers” are all done. 
I don’t like it at all!

YOU: Oh, is that why you cry sometimes and I don’t know why?

Yeah. I try to tell you
not to let that thing move!
I holler real loud!

Hmm, to tame and name all those wild-and-outta-control things, then,
your child points out these three needs:
  • Time
  • Repetition
  • Help connecting each thing with its naming word
To provide all that and more, play these Taming-by-Naming™
games with your child:

The Hi! Game™
The Hi! & Bye-Bye! Game™
The Who Is So Big? Game™

And here’s all you need for each game:
  • Your child
  • You
  • A few minutes

The Hi! Game
This game provides naming words. It also models a social behavior that offers your pre-verbal child a successful way to communicate. Additionally, the game builds on your child’s ability to sort out which things might return a greeting.

Whether at home or on-the-go, wave and say “Hi” to
objects . . . and people if you like:

Hi, car!
Hi table!
Hi, Neighbor!
Hi, stop sign!
Hi, fire hydrant!
Hi, Man!
Hi, doggie!
Hi, wall!

The Hi! & Bye-Bye! Game
This game builds on The Hi! Game to add repetition of naming words. It also models a gesture for communicating as you’re coming and going:

Hi, fire hydrant! Bye-Bye, fire hydrant!
Hi, brick wall! Bye-Bye, brick wall!
Hi, lady in the car! Bye-Bye, lady in the car!

The Who Is So Big? Game
This call-and-response game helps your child learn to think about and name an object that is in view or not.

Ask a question that refers to a book you’ve read aloud with your child. For example, to reference the language of SO BIG! (Babsy B Board Book, Ages 0+), ask: Who is so big? Either point to each of
the book’s characters or recall the book’s language from memory to answer:

Yes, Panda Bear is so big!
Yes, Striped Zebra is so big!
Yes, Baby is so big!

What age to start? And when to stop?
It’s never too early to talk and sing about nouns. Your child will
guide you––all the way through second or third grade and beyond.

Taming-by-Naming games help build your child’s
attention span as you slow down this busy world, letting your
child smell the roses
and see, taste, and touch them.

You’ll find more naming ideas with naming songs to sing, and lots of
age-appropriate activities in Little Books of Nouns
available at

Enjoy the conversational opportunities that naming words offer you
every day in your role as your child’s best teacher.
Please let me know how I can be of help as you
tame your child’s world,
one noun at a time.

                                 ~ Babsy B

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